Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday short run

Just 30 as 2:1, I was game for longer but the footing in the park was very treacherous, and I decided it wasn't sensible.

ASHAMED at having missed three days in a row - Thursday I had time but not a ton of time and woke up to another credit card fraud and a minor emergency concerning book sales at my event next week; Friday I just underestimated the toll that getting the cats to Philadelphia would take, sometimes it really is feasible to do an afternoon run after getting there at lunchtime but this time it was not, especially given that I'd forgotten to bring the dry food and we needed to go out for it in the car; Saturday I got home from Philadelphia around lunchtime, sidewalks VERY slippery due to snow but also returned to find slew of messages about ongoing eldercare crisis in Ottawa (new chapter). Not surprisingly I went back to bed and slept for the whole afternoon!

The whole rest of this month is going to be tough, too many commitments to others and not enough time for myself, but once I am in Paris, everything should get much much better. This year has been so hard - Gene's decline, and the Trump presidency, #metoo and its specific fallout for my sense of my obligations to my department's graduate students, Brent's mother's health issues, too many airports - the fundamentals remain sound, I am leading an absurdly fortunate life, but it has really been a tough stretch!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tues, Wed

Forgot to log yesterday, but 30 as 2:1 both yesterday and today (switched longer one till tomorrow - it's my last crazy Wednesday of the semester). Wintry in the park, I no longer feel the need to insist that everyone must get out there!

Monday, December 4, 2017


Weather of utmost beauty! Feeling very fortunate. 30 minutes as 2:1. Have realized it is silly to try and get downtown to lift today, my back and hhip have been bothering me and sudden deadlift session is surplus to requirements, I will go tomorrow and do upper body and clear out my locker and reintroduce myself to the team! Hoping to make some workouts next week, after that it's pretty dodgy (Ottawa, holidays, Cayman, MLA, departure for Paris!)...

Sunday, December 3, 2017


That was good. Gray and a bit damp (good for tender lungs) but still very mild, high 40s and no wind to speak of even down by the river. This is good! 40 mins as 2:1. Trouble area rather stiff and sore but nothing exceptional/worrisome.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Long run!

I am benefiting from really finally having a few calm days. Looking back, it's not surprising I've been feeling so stressed, it has been one horrible thing after another (and political news is not helping!). Ready to start doing better on everything concerning regular habits, nutrition, sleep, etc. (tho with a St. Augustine-ish "but not quite yet" proviso for SUGAR to help me through December craziness in the way of work and Ottawa things). First hour unalloyed bliss, thereafter sore enough at R glute-hamstring that it was not quite so enjoyable, but really pretty good all round.

90 minutes alternating 10 mins as 4:1 and 10 mins as 1:1 (did final 10 as 2:1 as soreness had become pronounced)

Friday, December 1, 2017


A bit of sciatica woke me in the night, had to apply heating pad and painkillers, but it's not horrible and it didn't bother me while I was out - 40 minutes easy as 2:1. Most beautiful weather - 50F and sunny!

Thursday, November 30, 2017


30 minutes as 2:1. Very nice! AND THERE IS NOTHING WRITTEN IN MY APPOINTMENT BOOK FROM NOW TILL MONDAY. Undecided on the question of whether I should get downtown to lift, but I think I might just have a happy day at home - need to read job applications and make recs....

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday run

Mixed report here. On the good side: a really lovely long run, it's mid-50s and sunny and I wore short sleeves and gloves and was happy the whole time! 70 minutes as 2:1 (actually 72). It is rare for me to be able to do the long one on Wednesday, and that's more the downside - had horrible insomnia last night, didn't fall asleep till after 3:30, and when alarm went off at 8 (I had turned out the lights at 11pm, then tossed and turned for ONE MILLION HOURS) I was still too wired and anxious to do what I usually do, which is set a new alarm and go back to sleep for another couple hours!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Friday and Sunday were write-offs due to travel and fatigue. Saturday I said no to human contact in the morning and had a LOVELY run in Roland Park - hilly, very mild sunny weather, 45 minutes and I appreciated every second of it. Monday should have been OK but I had a morning meetup with a colleague, left run till post-lecture which usually is OK but hadn't reckoned with impact of also needing to do a teaching observation from 6:10-8pm - I got home shortly after 4 and just basically huddled with internet, the idea of getting out and back in to work-acceptable clothes was just too much. Was awake in the night for hours, too many worries and not enough exercise, but did get up and out late morning (needed to be back here by noon for grocery delivery window) for just 30 minutes easy as 4:1. It is GLORIOUS, so sunny and mild, and I felt better and more positive about everything as soon as I was out there. Resolved to make sure I run every day between now and when I need to go to Ottawa again in the days before Xmas.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Thankful I finally got out for a run! It is GORGEOUS, sunny and 30s but very mild, no wind, I wish I could have just been out there for a long time but it wasn't really in the cards. We were late getting in yesterday (flight delayed, and then we had to pick up rental car at Newark and drive HOURS through horrible gridlock to get to my place - don't need car till Friday, but it is impossible to pick one up in Manhattan then), had lie-in this morning and then the traditional diner breakfast that Brent and I always have when he's here. Digestive interval, minor tasks, then just 30 easy as 2:1. Gotta get in shower now and get outta here to get NJ Transit to Rutherford for Tgiving meal at my brother's (my mother will be there too).

30 easy as 2:1

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Ah, not optimal, wasted the day (got up normal time - not early- and ate small breakfast, thought I would then run but instead went back to bed and slept till after 3pm, ugh), late getting out, just too beset with minor freefloating anxiety to keep on going when I hit the invisible wall at the c. 20-minute turnaround. Anyway 40 minutes as 3:1 is fine (should have been 70). Haven't thought at ALL about logistics for tomorrow's travel, need to get my act together and sort that stuff out....

Friday, November 17, 2017


Hmmm, I must not have logged yesterday's here, but it was a glorious and surprisingly WARM (nearly 60!) nice one along the river, 60 as 4:1. Today colder and quite windy, I was shivering on the corner of Riverside Dr. (long-sleeved shirt and gloves, but no windbreaking layer), but it was beautiful once I got moving a little faster. 30 easy as 2:1. Must now get my act together for 1pm book event!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday run

Underprepared for important noon meeting, generally chaotic, didn't get up as early as I meant to, but the two morning essentials are done: lecture written for Castle of Otranto later this afternoon (kicking myself for adding new book to old syllabus!), short run. Maybe 25 minutes with some bits of waalking; forgot my timer watch and didn't want to go back inside for it, as this is the way one ends up not running at all on a busy day! Looking forward to a more leisurely run tomorrow morning and Friday, that will be good - this week has been really intense.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Soul running

It was one of those days when running was even better for the soul than for the body! Glorious day to be out along the river - an older woman walking in the opposite direction as I went down 115th St. to the park looked very skeptically at my bare calves and lack of layers and said, "You are bold!," but really it was absolutely perfect.

1hr easy as 2:1

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday end of day

Had a morning class visit that is exactly the sort of thing (would be different if I were truly an early riser) that realistically prevents me from running in the morning. Meetings middle of day, busy office hours, lecture where I felt scattered but it seemingly didn't register to audience. Came home for brief regrouping, then got out in the last bit of light for a really nice easy run in perfect climate conditions (high 40s, damp - lungs really really like the damp air better than the dry when it's cooler). 30 easy as 2:1.