Friday, October 20, 2017

What happened this week?!?! Clearly I am barely keeping my head above water.

- Wrote off notion that I am functional enough to be back at lifting - managing fatigue is about all I can handle, gonna take another couple weeks to try and get myself back on a more even keel. (It's the GETTING there more than the workout itself, it's always a little hard but when I am not doing well it just takes up too much energy.)

- Took a zero on Tuesday due to complete lack of ability to deal!

- Wednesday: 40 as 2:1.

- Thursday: 1hr as 2:1.

- Today (having hard time even getting out of bed - honestly thinking about getting back into it right now!): 30 as 2:1 (had a longer one on schedule, hopefully will be motivated to do it tomorrow - needed the happy exercise chemicals and didn't want to talk myself out of it, best in these circs just to do something short and easy).

Trying to get my apartment sufficiently tidied that I can have a clear workstation to pursue my (overdue) essay on the footnote - if I can't get that mostly written this weekend, I don't know when it's going to happen!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Back at it

Rather halfheartedly I'm afraid. I finished lecture a bit early and took the subway rather than a taxi, immediately regretted it (platform already full of people, first train went by without stopping, etc. etc.) I got to the gym with time to spare but sat in cafe drinking a cup of tea and feeling so tired I was not at all sure it really was smart to have gone! But Josh is really understanding, so I just did a much lighter version of the main set and the subsidiary set, then called it a day, showered and took taxi home (very fast easy ride, mercifully!).

deadlift: 8 x 3 @ 111 (last 2 sets at 151 which was closer to what "real" working weight would have been - 62.5% vs. +-40%)
hex bar: 3 x 10 @ 145

Short run

30 easy as 2:1. Finally some cooler weather! I have a ton of stuff I'm behind on, but in terms of what I strictly have to accomplish over the next few days (i.e. bare minimum requirements of teaching week), I think it's manageable. Can reclaim everything if I have massively productive coming weekend - we will see....

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thursday was a travel day, Friday I had a lovely half-hour in the East River Flats in Minneapolis but then stabbed myself in the eye accidentally with a hairbrush and didn't have wherewithal to blog (did see a doctor later in the day, who diagnosed very superficial scratch that didn't need antibiotics). Saturday was a writeoff again, I was home by 2 or so but I'd had a 6:30 taxi pickup at the hotel in Minneapolis which meant that I barely slept due to the usual irrational anxiety about waking up on early airport days, so I just took a nap and surfaced only in order to eat an early dinner (having missed lunch) and basically go back to bed.

Long sleep and dozy useless day, really I've been overdoing it, I need some downtime. Just got out for 30 easy as 2:1 in last bit of light, feel better now I've done that and showered, gonna go and find something to eat now....

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Punched the clock

(as David says). 30 easy as 2:1. Please let the weather get cooler soon!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Short run

Finding considerable comfort in work and cats. Short run just now, 30 easy as 2:1 - yes, it's lower humidity, and yes, it's my own fault for leaving it till the middle of the day - but it's almost 80F again! NOOOoooooooooooooooooooo!

Monday, October 9, 2017


Did run Friday 30 easy as 2:1. (The weather has been DISGUSTING, so warm and muggy.) Didn't run Saturday, was antsy and spent afternoon and early evening keeping a sort of vigil with my mother at G.'s. Woke up Sunday to the news that he died during the night. Did 30 easy (2:1) to get the day started on an OK footing (then went back to bed and slept the whole day!). This morning, 30 easy as 2:1 - that's the agenda for the week, just get the blood flowing and keep moving but don't stress about training. Have a work trip to Minneapolis from Thursday to Saturday but it shouldn't rule out short daily running. Very glad I have teaching and other work stuff to keep my mind focused on other things!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

short run

30 easy as 2:1. Thursday is basically my Saturday, which means I am in state of utter exhausting, Wednesdays are so long and demanding this semester. Still feeling pretty feeble, didn't sleep well, too riled up about work and life stuff!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


40 easy as 2:1. Very nice weather (if anything still a bit too warm). Today is my long day and I am slightly dreading it, however that means that this time tomorrow morning I am at least temporarily a free woman...

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Very short run!

This cooler weather is such a gift, gingko stink notwithstanding! Just 30 easy as 2:1. Down week to regroup and try and regain my equilibrium.

Monday, October 2, 2017


You know things really got crazy when I lose the daily exercise logging!

I did run Thursday, just 30 easy as 2:1 before packing and leaving for my mid-evening flight. Felt very queasy in the stop-and-go traffic en route to the airport, combination of stress/distress and not eating anything post-run - will have to be a bit more careful, I am at outer edge of stress limits and need to take better care of things!

Friday was always out, I only brought run gear to Ottawa in case something else happened and I got stuck there. Thought I'd be able to run at home Saturday, but early flight was mega-delayed and the rest of the day was a write-off, I was asleep for much of it and then asleep again for 12 hours overnight - really had reached my limit!

Very nice run Sunday when I got up, 90 minutes as 4:1.

Very nice short run just now (usually I take Monday off just now, but having missed a couple recent days I thought it was worthwhile - also I have canceled powerlifting for this week and next week, I have a work conflict this evening anyway but it's the one obvious thing I can cut out to simplify things - if it were right round the corner, it would be different, but it's an hour each way or else an expensive taxi and right now I just don't have the emotional wherewithal!). 30 as 2:1.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Very short run

Had 8am dentist appointment to get an old filling replaced, went to it in running clothes and did manage to go directly after for 20 minutes easy (had forgotten my watch with chrono function so no walk intervals). It is disgustingly muggy, MAKE IT GET COOLER! Today's my long/demanding work day, have just eaten an egg sandwich and now intend to shower and de-squalorify my apartment (we have our teaching meeting here after evening lecture, respectability is in order...)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Short run

I'm hanging in there, but with head barely above the water - time to activate extreme conservation of energy mode! I didn't run this morning, because I really had to reserve all willpower for getting NYPL fellowship application finished and submitted, and reading and prepping my teaching for tomorrow. There was a certain amount of huddling in bed with anxiety stomach-ache after that, but I took a nap and felt better after that, just got out for 30 minutes as 2:1 easy. It was more realistic not to even think about getting downtown to lift (the heat isn't helping, it makes everything mroe taxing than it would be otherwise). Tuesday evenings at 7:30 were the best time we could find for my weekly French lesson, so I needed to save a little vim for that as well (and tomorrow is taxing too, still very hot I think and I have 8am appointment to get a minor old filling replaced - shouldn't take long - and a stressful department meeting 12-2, in addition to subsequent lectures/office hours/teaching meeting). Crazy week - but having that fellowship app in is a great relief. Only one other one after this, and I believev it's not due till the end of November - I have a short essay due the 30th of this month that will havve to be a week or so late, and one other essay to write in the next couple months, but it's not an insane load assuming other stuff quiets downn a little....

Monday, September 25, 2017


This day seems to have started a very long time ago! But I have survived. Had decided after last week that I'd take a taxi from campus to Chelsea Piers if I needed to, but in the event I was done lecturing at 3:45 (it is incredibly hot! students looked as though they were about to pass out!) and felt that on balance I could cope with the idea of subway and bus travel (not least because of notorious yellow-taxi dislike for turning on the AC). Got to the gym with a good ten or fifteen minutes to spare, that was nice, and had a very reasonable workout. Only did the 2 main work pieces (there was a circuit and some abs), and reduced reps on main set - used rest of the time to stretch, then showered and cabbed it home. (That was the other part of not cabbing it earlier - I am surely not SUCH a fragile flower that I have to take cabs in both directions, and being whisked home is so pleasant....)

Deadlift work set: 1 x 5 @ 144, 2 x 3 @ 180, 3 x 4 (should have been 8, but I could feel a lot of tightness and slight soreness in right hamstring, didn't want to strain anything) @ 180.

Hex bar: 2 x 15 @ 125

+ stretching

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hahaha, what happened to this week?!?! I did run on Wednesday and Thursday - but then minor Ottawa familial cataclysm sucked me in, Friday morning a second iteration of same actually had me stuck by the phone for about 3 hours and after that the only thing I could honestly do was go back to bed! Saturday was better, got some work done at least, but had to go to midtown in the evening (train issues almost gave me a nervous breakdown) and didn't end up being able to fit in a run (heat is making it tricky). ANYWAY no breakfast downtown today, NOT for good reasons but it meant that I could sleep till I woke up and then go out to run on a leisurely basis. It is WAY TOO HOT but I felt pretty cheery and happy throughout, which is nice, tight back and tender hamstring notwithstanding. 2hr as 3:1 jog-walk, feeling really happy about getting that one done! I have another event downtown later (LES, my least favorite, terrible transit options from UWS!) and may be able to stop by G.'s for a quick visit en route there if all is well....