Monday, January 26, 2015

Hot yoga...

I was very grumpy earlier about powerlifting being canceled, though really it is idiotic that I imagined there was the least chance it wouldn't be! (Tomorrow ditto obviously.) Grumbled to myself as I struggled to concentrate and write these two letter/report things - mood turned better when I finally made myself to it, and I did make it to 4:30 hot yoga. The trains going uptown were so crowded that I actually almost bolted home (I had backpack and yoga mat), but I am glad I didn't: the class was slightly horrible (as hot yoga always is when you go back to it after a layoff), but I am sure it is beneficial....

1.5hr hot yoga

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Very slow but awfully nice. Jog-walk based on terrain and subjective desire rather than time as such. Jogged over to Central Park and did the upper 5 loop. Finished at the bottom of Harlem Hill, turned off the clock and walked the remaining stretch home (rather chilly by that point).

1:15 misc. jog-walk (c. 6mi)

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Made it downtown for 10am spin.  That was good.  Snowy day.

(Yesterday was inadvertent rest day. So tired when I got home mid afternoon that I fell into bed for dreaded 3hr nap. Then couldn't sleep till 2:30 or so...)

1hr spin

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Yesterday and today have been an interesting but pretty overwhelming return to full-on school mode! I slept so little Tuesday night that I really couldn't do anything yesterday in the afternoon window I had available but SLEEP; today was a complicated day with lots of moving parts and I realized I wasn't going to get up early enough to run. However really a great 1hr strength session is quite sufficient, especially given obvious fatigue. This class is so great! Basically like having an extremely high-quality personal trainer only much much more affordable. I am taken with the idea of pursuing the sport seriously....

1hr strength (squats!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I really just love this class, it's my favorite thing right now....

Busy school life starts tomorrow with a vengeance. Unfortunately my concentration hasn't been good these last few days - it's entirely my own fault, but I seem to have many hours of work to do between now and 10:30 tomorrow morning! Better get down to it....

1hr strength (upper body focus)

Run of bliss!

Gosh, that was a nice one - almost inexplicably so, as I am running at a snail's pace and there was nothing dramatic about it whatsoever - but I guess I'm fairly well-rested, and the weather is (IN CONTEXT) amazing - quite sunny, mid-30s and not a breath of wind - first time in what seems like ages that I felt like it was a good idea to leave my sheltered little bit of the part and run down along the Hudson!

First day of classes today, though I don't teach till Thursday, and I expect that has lifted my spirits too - like all professors, I complain about teaching sometimes, but really it is one of the best things in my life, I am often in a better frame of mind when I am doing it than when I am not (pain of not having writing time notwithstanding!).

:40 as 3:1 very easy jog-walk


Gosh, I really like those deadlifts: obviously it's too soon for me to be lifting much weight at all, making sure form's OK etc. for now, but - what fun!


Monday, January 19, 2015


Gym unexpectedly crowded (because of the holiday), but that was good. Looks like I had a 10hr training week last week, that is very good - if I could maintain that, it would be amazing, but really the semester will make it more erratic. Shooting for six-hour non-negotiable minimum and HOPING NOT TO GET SICK!

:50 spin

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hot yoga!

Haven't been there for WAY too long. I would like to get it into the weekly routine - a Sunday-evening class seems like a very good idea.

1.5hr hot yoga

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Double spin!

Just hanging on at the end there. Tired legs. It was good.   

2hr spin

Friday, January 16, 2015

Short run

Wait, did I never write a post last night when I got home after strength training? Hmmmm, I was even more tired than I thought.

(Thursday: squats!)

Slept for twelve hours, deeply and well, only then when I finally got up, I really only felt like going back to bed! However it is 40F and sunny (though rather windy) and after some huddling reflex and general heel-dragging, I got myself out the door for an easy 30min in "my" bit of the park (4:1). Very very slow, legs tired from lifting (in a good way), but I feel incomparably better now, as though I can actually face the day....

:30 (4:1)

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Substitute spin instructor today, not bad. Then met a student for lunch to talk about planning for a campus visit - rather full of omelette now and wondering whether I should find a quiet lounge chair in the pool area for a nap before my second workout!

:50 spin

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Short easy run

So slow that it hardly even counts as jogging, but it was very nice! Temperature crawled up over the edge into the thirties, so I was able to get outside. After a heavy exercise load on Monday and Tuesday, today was really a good time for a rest day, so I did just a very short easy one.

:23 as 4:1 jog-walk

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Ah, should have written this post earlier - am only just now home at 10:40pm after a rather draining day (good dinner after at Delicatessen - beef and brocooli and a shared & DELICIOUS "lemon meringue bombe" for dessert), and have lost the glow of enthusiasm I had right after class! Tuesday = bench press and associated exercises. I really, really love this class!

1hr strength


A spell of wakefulness in the night, too much snoozing in bed, train delays - ashamed to say I was a few minutes late for class! But it was very good. Didn't do a lot of heavy-gear work as my legs are in need of some recovery. Beautiful sunny day in the cafe at Chelsea Piers.

:40 spin