Tuesday, December 11, 2018


On a very late schedule, but that 75 as 2:1 easy-moderate was REALLY NICE! Still a little awkwardness (I think of it as "ghost sciatica") along back of R leg, but everything else very good, very normal-feeling.

Monday, December 10, 2018


1hr as 1:1, there was actually some sun, that was nice! About to do PT, hoping to do back therapy yoga later.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Happy yoga!

Finally got a good long night of sleep, didn't get myself to earlier yoga (I always have slight aversion to doing a full 90-minute Bikram class, other hot variants are more appealing), did PT and some ball release therapy for lower back and piriformis (which I think I should add as often as I can) and then went to Dominique's excellent 90-minute "hot yin yang yoga" at 3pm. I forgot how good it is, and how different from the hot hatha....

Saturday, December 8, 2018


1hr as 1:1, physically fine but a little unsettling due to precautions in advance of potential gilet jaune demonstration - the Jardin du Luxembourgh was closed and I had to jog my loops on the sidewalk around it, not optimal. Very few civilian vehicles on the street, mostly police/fire/ambulance, though the shops in my neighborhood are for the most part open. Will do PT once I have showered, and hoping to get to 7pm yoga later.

Friday, December 7, 2018


75 mins as 2:1 with some moderate mixed in with easy intensity! Looking forward to this one all week. Will do PT once I have put away breakfast things and am intending to go to 5pm hot yoga. (Jet lag had me up till 3, I only woke up just before 11 and it took me another hour to get out of the house for my run - thus 2pm breakfast...)

(Postscript: no yoga, 75 mins run plus 20 mins PT is enough, I will have a longer stretch at the office and go straight from there to dinner with an old friend who's in Paris briefly....)

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Mid-week catchup

Hmmm, I wrote a title and then left the post empty, better catch up properly now! Overly busy week, one more evening out tomorrow and then I intend to hermitify myself...

Tues.: jet lag hit hard, plus haircut appointment was ill-timed (it is always ill-timed!); ALMOST didn't get out, but memory of how bad I felt about not having done my statutory walk on Sunday made me drag myself up and out. 70 as 1:1 jog-walk, plodding and not that fun, but I got it done (and felt more human by around the 40-minute mark).

Wed.: 60 as 1:1 jog-walk, very nice. (All these days I do PT if I don't say!)

Thurs: non-run day, normal walking + evening 1hr yoga therapy for back class. Will go to a hot class tomorrow, otherwise I will lose my hard-gained heat acclimation...

Monday, December 3, 2018


Took a zero for Sunday, regrettably; the first for a long time and I really don't want it to happen again soon! Today was good. 1hr as 1:1, very nice and gray morning, spent the day at the office catching up on various misc. stuff, hung around there till it was time for 6:45 back therapy yoga as I was pretty sure that if I went home, I wasn't making it back out. Lots of evening plans this week which rather thwarts my desire to be all run/yoga/write all the time....

Saturday, December 1, 2018


:55 easy and early as 1:1 jog-walk (slightly miscalculated turnaround, was shooting for an hour), met up with Brent for 15 mins at Cafe del Sol, then 1hr BRT yoga at Bliss. This is a great combo - hard to imagine a better class for runners, it's exactly what I most need. Now to get organized for departure....

Friday, November 30, 2018


80 as 1:1 early, very nice (I have to get a photo of the lights on palm trees in front of the Ritz!); then an hour of ball release therapy (BRT) yoga at Bliss, it was really good and extremely apt to my needs.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Wednesday, Thursday

Wednesday: 1hr early as 1:1, had my eye on a 2pm yoga class but we weren't back from taking lunch to Coach Jerry in time, that's fine.
Thursday: :55 walk (non-run day), 1hr hot yoga, session #6 (final one) with Errol at 3. I am determined to max out on yoga this week, figured out what class I can go to tomorrow and am even thinking about doing a 7am class Saturday (after an hour of running) before getting ready to go to the airport....

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


am: woke up WAY too early, did PT pre-run, then 1hr as 1:1 jog-walk.
pm: 3pm session (#4) with Errol.

Tomorrow is the dreaded cleaner day, I will run early and probably leave it at that....

Monday, November 26, 2018


Good day.

am: 2 x 15 min. walk to and from 1hr hot yoga (very nice class). PT at home after protein shake and shower.
pm: session #4 with Errol.

And MOST of the edits to book part one typed - I had hoped to get to the end of the section, but the page I left off at before going to the gym is particularly covered with illegible marginal scribble, and I will do a better job if I leave it for the morning!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

amazing yoga!

1.25hr flow-meditation that was SUPERB, just what I needed (didn't want to wait for noon hot, 9:30 is a good time to go to a class) - we spent first fifteen minutes using lacrosse balls to release hip flexors and QL! I loved it - must see if I can get to another class along those lines this week....


40 minutes as 1:1 jog-walk (it was a slight down week), very nice, now at the cafe with Brent and will do PT when I get home. I think I will do mid-morning yoga, there's no hot class but if I do 9:30 flow-meditation I can go with Brent for his first stint at the office (there is then a brief mid-afternoon visit to put in orders for tomorrow). Day one of spa week #2!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Saturday and summary

75 as 1:1, extremely nice.

Had an amazing (and painful!) deep-tissue massage yesterday - it relieved the R shoulder-blade pains I've been having immensely, and I slept on my left side to try and let it settle down some more. Best night of sleep I've had in ages, only woke up once to pee (usually when I am turning back and forth to find a comfortable situation, it wakes me up just enough to realize I do need to pee, so it might be four or five times in the night). Think I must try having a month or maybe even two where I don't sleep on my right side at all - I also am not supposed to sleep on my stomach, it's complicated since I can't fall asleep on my back!

Summing up the week (running from Sunday through Saturday as I leave on Saturday a week from today)

5 run (check)
3 session with Errol (check)
3 yoga (one short, but the massage sort of substituted and I won't do yoga today because the whole shoulder-blade area got such a pummeling yesterday that it feels like I got pounded with a meat tenderizer - letting it settle will be more valuable than an extra yoga, and I will go tomorrow and Monday, so really that's fine)

SPA WEEK #1 under my belt!