Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Skipped intro circuit (snuffly - didn't want to do anything to get HR too high) and just did main work set. Narrowly missed dropping bar fully on my head on last rep of last set, I AM AN IDIOT!

About :30 upper body:

3 x 12 @ 85
rows: 5 x 10, first two @ 42.5 last three @ 47.5
band triceps pulldown: 100

1hr RT bike


Got home yesterday afternoon around 3 and realized to my chagrin that I was feeling much too seedy to make it downtown to lift. Took a deep three-hour nap which scuppered any chance of sleeping well overnight! Less raw and sinusy now and more just summer cold. Did my :45 easy run and am hoping to lift upper body later (it's less strenuous than deadlifting!).

Monday, June 27, 2016


Beautiful weather. Minor sinus infection continues, hoping I can just train through. :30 easy.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Hahahaha, I am an IDIOT to do it in the middle of the day - it's beautiful weather, low humidity, but that doesn't mean it's not still pretty darn hot in the sun! Hamstring heavily activated by hills, walked as needed.

Ran over to park and then did the full CP loop, turned off the clock and walked home up 110th St.

1:37 total

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Shorter run

Switched out the long and short days as I left it a little late to get started. Beautiful weather, though warm in direct sun. :45 easy along the river.

Friday, June 24, 2016


It is the most beautiful day - low 70s, low humidity - I was slightly sorry (not really!) that I only had 30 easy on the slate! Back felt OK, I applied heating pad and advil last night and it feels more or less normal this morning. Now I am just hoping weather stays like this through tomorrow for my longer run....

:30 easy

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Nobody was excited about it being another conditioning workout! It was also clear to me as soon as I got it underway that (a) I am overly fatigued and (b) my back and hamstring REALLY are causing me trouble!

I had resolved after this week's runs that I had better try some physio, it's impeding my ability to do hard running workouts - called for a doc appointment earlier today (I need a prescription from my primary care doc in order to get PT prescription, it's all somewhat irksome esp. given that copay for each appointment is $30 - I would think given that copay they would trust you to go ahead and make the PT appointments yourself) and the first one available isn't till the first week of August, that's annoying (but I took it, nothing to be done - maybe I will call back and see if she can write me the prescription before the appointment, but I haven't had good experiences with that, the practice is very understaffed and I have pretty much found you need to see the doctor in person to get anything to happen).

We were supposed to do 7 x, but I bailed after the third one and did 20 minutes of stretching. In retrospect I probably could have cut the prowler sooner and done all the rest, but I felt like I was bumping right up against where you get hurt. I have just eaten hot dinner at the gym cafe and feel a lot better - underfueling may have been an issue as well? Gotta get back on top of nutrition, I can see that carelessness with day and early evening eating almost invariably leads to unfortunate eating choices later on.

About :25 circuit (3 x (10 x goblet squat @ 32.5, prowler down and back @ 50lb added, 10 x walking lunges @ 12.5, med ball slam, lat med ball slam))

:15 stretching concentrating on back and hamstrings


I am just going to have to embrace my inability to get up in a timely fashion and make sure I get in a good stretch of evening work time as well....

Nice overcast morning, humid but cooler - that's good. First time out in a new pair of running shoes - exactly the same as the old ones of course, but I like the stiffness of the soles when you get into a new pair and the feeling of superior cushioning. The previous model of this shoe (I have a pair in Cayman still) was superior to the current one, which has a wider heel area that leads to huge chunks of foam being eaten out (not blisterage, so not inherently problematic, but it looks awful!).

Away for a long weekend in a couple weeks and tempted to write up a very stringent work and exercise schedule for intervening days....

1hr easy

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Orlando Pride run

Was glad I went - it is meaningful to have a communal observance. We started at Columbus Circle and ran the counterclockwise loop, with quiet and solemn observance. I peeled off at 110th and walked the rest of the way home as my hamstring was not quiet. 42:00 easy. That puts me at Day 30, run 29 - if I do one more double in coming days, I'm back where I should be....


Better late than never edition. Wasn't full of vim but it's a beautiful morning. Pondering whether to get a prescription from my primary care doc for some physio - the back/hamstring stuff is ongoing nuisance, I know what to do to make back slightly better but the hamstring is obdurate and mysterious! Anyway:

:50 as :20 easy, 8 x 1:00 hill, :10 easy

Bad circuit!

Not really, I don't mind it (even perhaps quite enjoy it), but inevitably when I get to lifting and find out that we are only having a conditioning session I think grumpily that I could be swimming or running instead! About :40 total (which was good, as I needed to leave a bit early).


10 ring rows
10 bench @ 65
20 shrugs @ 52.5
20 triceps pulldown
:30 plank
:30 medicine ball bounce

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I do not like the feeling of parting from B., but I am very grateful this morning to be back in NYC: clement weather, beautiful Riverside Park to run in, 2 funny cats, Butler Library (and later, powerlifting downtown). :30 easy - very nice!

Monday, June 20, 2016


I did leave early enough to have notionally had the full half-hour run, but I was waylaid by the very nice stray dog I saw yesterday - it's still just hanging around at the gas station....

Anyway :20 easy and 1hr power yoga, very nice. When I'm here in August I think I need to do the 6am yoga, otherwise if I run/shower/yoga/shower it takes up way too much of the morning.

:20 run
1hr yoga

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Longish run!

A little shorter than it should have been - left the house at 5:45 rather than 5:30 and was keener to meet B. at Cafe del Sol at the appointed hour (7) than to extend point of run turnaround!

1:25 (8 x 5:00 as 3:30 easy, :30 faster, 1:00 walking recovery)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hot yoga!

Overwhelmingly hot! Past the point of being enjoyable. 1.25hr very hot yoga.