Wednesday, August 16, 2017


45:00 with 4 x :40 hills in the middle. A bit lackluster, but I feel good now it's done. Next: make the summer's definitive final work to-do list - I'm heading to Cayman early Friday and need to make sure I have all the necessary work materials with me....

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


That was a good workout! (Hahaha, also had allergy shots beforehand, new set of bottles @ stronger strength, that may also be helping the triceps feel extra PUMPED....)

Bench: 4 x 6 @ 65% (85) (0-3-0)

(2) circuit x 3: (a) single-arm floor press x 12 @ 27.5; (b) band lat pulldown x 20; (c) band face pulls x 20

(3) circuit x 3: (a) shrugs x 20 @ 37.5; (b) lateral raise x 10 @ 5 (6 seconds descending); (c) front raise x 10 @ 5 (ditto)

(4) 100 kettlebell skull-crusher (8kg)

I need to figure out if I can do workouts on my own the next two weeks in Cayman or if I should hire a trainer for accountability. I'm torn - should really try and do it on my own, but I know it is more likely to happen as it should if I get someone locked in!


Multitasking! 30 easy with some bits of walking (forgot watch with chrono function, also right achilles very tender/tight). Then picked up my BorrowDirect books at the library and got an egg sandwich from the Asian deli en route home. Feeling accomplished....

Monday, August 14, 2017

Sat-Sun-Mon update

I was very busy over the weekend - more human contact over a couple days than I usually have in a month! (Or possibly even a whole summer!) Anyway Saturday was legitimately a day off, left very early for day out at Fire Island with powerlifters (it was great, only I sat twisted around on the train to talk to folks and my hip became quite sore, it's still twanging me more than usual today). Sunday I did run before heading downtown for trip to NJ for family BBQ, ditto this morning - that waasy day 67, run 60 and day 68, run 61 (40 as 2:1 both times).

Rode bike downtown to lift (it was hard leaving the house, I am in need of some serious downtime!), that was the right call, it's simpler and more time-efficient. We are continuing on the slow build:

deadlift work set as 4 x 5 @ 65% (156) with three-second hold at the knee on the way up
ring rows: 4 x 10 with 5-second hold at the top
incline rows (double-arm): 4 x 10 @ 27.5 with 3-second hold at the top

1hr lower body
10mi bike

Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 65, run 59

I'm almost a week behind now - I missed yesterday evening's run, in retrospect it may have been unrealistic (it's not just the lower body, it's the time on bike and general dehydration/underfueling - I had a late afternoon doctor's appointment where I had to wait quite a long time, and by the time I got home around six the ONLY thing I was ready for was a sandwich and a book in bed). Thought I might just be able to drag myself out around 8pm, but given that I wanted to do my long one this morning, I didn't want to jeopardize that. Anyway, the weather currently is a GIFT, so nice - low 70s, low humidity - and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Back is surprisingly NORMAL, that's great (I think the regular lifting is very beneficial). Hip and hamstring both acting up a bit, not horribly but I am going to stick with the run-walk for immediate future....

80 minutes as 2:1 jog-walk

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Ah, that was heaven - as I rode my bike home, I thought probably the only other thing that can lay claim to being such enjoyable morning is the flush of mild discovery in a rare book room! The weather is clement, summer is almost over (that is a good thing) and I set up a session with Josh as I have my annual physical later (overscheduled primary care doc, you take the slot they give you!) and didn't want to miss Thursday's workout again.

I actually haven't squatted since January, due to one thing another (Rome, mega-run training, injury, PT, training cycle), and it was surprisingly good. We just did goblet squats this week and will have a session next Thursday where I put the bar on my back again, I have a bit of a mental block on that. Not sure this is exactly what we did, but along these lines

4 x 10 kettlebell squat (with box), 18lb, 3 seconds tempo + 2 seconds hold at the bottom
3 x 10 Romanian DL, 8lb (?) kettlebell, slow down and pause at the bottom
hamstring curls with ball: 4 x 6 (3 seconds tempo on roll out, keeping hips high)
a knee band thing
possibly one other thing?

Super-enjoyable - no better way to spend discretionary income as far as I am concerned...

1hr lower body
10mi relaxing bike

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Day 63, run 58

David recommended a day off due to ongoing minor aches and pains, but really there are too many reasons in favor of running and few against! Just did 30 easy as 2:1 jog-walk. It is 70F at noon! In NYC in August!

Monday, August 7, 2017


My favorite day of the lifting week obvs. Very nice. I like my teammates!

deadlift set: 4 x 4 @ 62.5% (151 then 155 based on switching to a different bar) with a three-second hold as the bar reaches the knee on its way up

ring rows: 4 x 10 with 3-second hold at the top

circuit: 3 x (15 single-arm rows, 25 shrugs) - used overly heavy weights for first couple sets, my hands wouldn't stay closed after that! (I think it was a set at 37.5, a set at 42.5, back to 37.5) and first 52 then 42 then 37 for the shrugs....

c. 1hr lower body + a bit of stretching

Day 62, run 57

Rainy and in the 60s! This is highly Davidsonian running weather. Only needed to do 20 easy, but I enjoyed it....

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Day 61, run 56

Just 30 as 2:1. Need to get my act together and get downtown for dinner with a friend. Had a really nice breakfast with my brother at G.'s - precious but tiring, it is a strain on my system to get to Tribeca on Sunday morning by 9:15!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Day 60, run 55

It was a boon that the temperature stayed low rather later into the morning than the forecast predicted - it's really, really hard for me to get up and out in a timely manner! So it was still low 70s and overcast/windy when I started around 11:30 - only got a little hotter while I was out - glad it was only 80 minutes though. Injury report: hip only a little sore, back actually FINE, but that little spot that as I picture it is where sciatic nerve comes out of the ischial tuberosity is PEEPING at me constantly....

80 minutes as 2:1 jog-walk

Friday, August 4, 2017

Day 59, run 54

Quite enjoyable, actually. Storm brought temps down, it's already on its way back up to hot and hazy (rather unpleasant) but at low 70s rather than low 80s, still preferable to last night. And I felt less overwhelmed/despairing. That said, I seem to have a lot of minor aches and pains - some kind of sciatica hamstring thing made it hard for me to find a comfortable position to sleep in last night, and I possibly shouldn't even think of trying to do a double while that stuff is ongoing. Which is a pity, b/c today and tomorrow are prime days for it - but health before obsessive counting!

30 minutes as 2:1 jog-walk

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 58, run 53

Tough day due to wrestling with IDENTITY THEFT logistics and implications - no actual harm done, no money stolen (impersonator ran out of the bank when teller was suspicious?!?), but I had to close accounts and open new ones and do all the other stuff etc. Mid-afternoon doctor's appointment downtown, it's super-hot, and by the time I got home from that and did a few more bank phone calls, all I could really do was HUDDLE (I finished #6 in this crime series but will have to wait for #7 to arrive in the mail unfortunately). Knew that a run would make me feel better - it's sort of a human chemical miracle, even a very slow one works - so I dragged myself out towards dusk, pretty warm stuff but now I am showered and watered and fed I do feel significantly more human. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for me!

30 easy as 2:1 jog-walk

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Day 57, run 52

Ah, like Tristram Shandy, I am falling ever more behind in my task - I did NOT run last night (self-assessment 8pm told me it was a preposterous idea), but my one just now was pretty nice, despite heat and haze. Ugh, I hate summer, I am so ready for it to be over!

42:00 as 2:1

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Ugh, haven't done my run yet, it does not seem at all appealing but I am feeling rather low anyway and missing a run will really not help! (Did have a legit reason for not doing it earlier, had 3pm pulmonary checkup and the doc wants to know peak flow without same-day albuterol use, and I shouldn't run without albuterol esp. as I was up a lot during the night with a seeming minor sinus infection and I am down one asthma medication anyway, having run out at end of June and not managed to refill it before going to Cayman - a new prescription is now ready for me to pick up at the pharmacy...)

Upper body workout was nice but it does not give the same flow of happy exercise chemicals you get from running or lower body! Anyway, 1hr:

(1) bench: 3 x 6 @ 67.5% (80 - should have had a heavier weight I suspect), with six seconds descending/eccentric

(2) single-arm row, 3 x 12 @ 32.5 (will move back up to 37.5 next time, hand strength was limiter last time but didn't seem a problem this time round)

(3) DB floor press, 3 x 15 @ 27.5 (did an initial set with the 17.5 which I think I used last week as there are no 22s, but that w as clearly too light, this I think was just right)

(4) 3 x 25 band face pull

(5) 100 band triceps pulldown

Monday, July 31, 2017


I missed lifting on Thursday - had 7pm tickets to a friend's show in midtown and realized mid-afternoon that it was just not realistic to be scrambling across town in a tight timeframe. But I must try and get there for all three workouts, it is good for my mental and physical health! Was very happy to be there today - took a cab down mid-afternoon and read for a bit in the cafe beforehand. (Tomorrow and Thurs. I have mid-afternoon doctor's appointments, nothing special, just the regular, so I will not be able to languish in bed at home!) Hmmm, what did we do?

(1) DL 4 x 4 @ 67.5% of max (I am using a conservative/realistic 240 for max, so 161) - six seconds eccentric/descending

(2) 5 x 5 ring row (6-second eccentric), sub for pull-ups

(3) 3 x 10 kettlebell Romanian deadlift

(4) 3 x 10-each-leg walking lunges (I skipped prowler it would have been interspersed with - my middle-aged knees do not like doing that sort of weighted exercise in Chuck Taylors)

(5) "stirring the pot" 3 x 10 each side

Didn't seem intense as I did it, but sat in cafe after to drink a protein shake before getting bus and subway home, and when I stood back up I was incredibly (pleasantly, not unpleasantly) stiff! It is more than it seems....

Day 55, run 51

Took yesterday off - slept little and badly on Saturday night, and hip was still rather tender, so I decided it would be better to give it a miss. Today: 20 easy.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Day 53, run 50

2 hours; first 2/3 as 2:1 jog-walk, then switched to 1:1 as running into powerful headwind was causing hamstring and hip to act up. Very nice, on balance - the wind was intense, but it's high 60s and overcast, a true gift at this time of year!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Days 51 and 52, runs 48 and 49

Must have forgotten to post yesterday? Anyway, yesterday it was 30 easy, today 20 easy - it's warm and muggy again, alas. Supposed to be some kind of a storm brewing?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Day 50, run 47

The most beautiful weather! I am in rather low spirits, but it is nice that it's so great outside for once.... Tight R calf, slightly sore R hip (benching activates it, too much of a stretch on the hip flexors, nothing major). Hoping to fit in a double on Friday.

1hr as 4:1 jog-walk

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


At least temporarily feeling like I am back on the track of functionality? Hope it lasts! Rode my bike down to the gym, hour of upper body workout, rode home - so nice that the temperature is cool....

(1) 3 x 8 @ 67.5% (85lb, though I am not sure I could actually press 125 right now) with six seconds descending/eccentric
(2) ring rows (as substitute for pull-up), 3 x 5, 6 sec. eccentric
(3) DB floor press: 3 x 15 @ 17.5 (there's only one 22.5 and 27.5 seemed clearly too heavy!)
(4) 3 x 15 hammer curls @ 12.5
(5) 100 triceps band pulldown

+ 10mi easy bike

Midday run

Should have been earlier, got snarled up in one of these mornings where I rashly scheduled an early grocery delivery, got up to wait for it and then it didn't come till after the delivery window was over, at which point I was hungry and sleepy & ate breakfast and went back to bed! Fortunately still quite cool today. 30 minutes easy in "my" bit of Riverside Park.

Monday, July 24, 2017


I am going to strive for perfect powerlifting attendance between now and my departure for Cayman - that's qualified by the fact that "100 runs in 100 days" is my highest priority, and G. takes precedence above all other things too, but I should be able to do it as long as I don't languish to much! Right now hand strength is a dreadful limiter, I've lost my calluses and grip is a lot weaker than it should be - ah, that's satisfying, though, something to work on. I suspect back and glute-hamstring will be stiff tomorrow, that was a good workout - I did ten minutes of stretching at the end, but it can't completely counteract....

DL work set: 4 x 4 at 65% (of a conservative 240, that's 156), with six seconds descending (eccentric) on each rep

Incline bench rows: 4 x 8 @ 32.5 (hands really feeling it unpleasantly - hahaha, we only have one 37.5 currently, so I had a good excuse not to be lifting the heavier weight!)

Kettlebell Romanian DL: 2 x 12 slow with 16kg kb

Then some stretching instead of the final prowler set.

1hr total

Day 48, run 45

And a gloriously good one! It is POURING rain (and 67F!) - at first I regretted wearing my glasses, as they fogged up and I had to perch them on the top of my head, but when I turned around and was running back north along the river into absolutely driving rain and wind, I was glad of them, these Oakley sport glasses are pretty good rain goggles....

40:00 as 4:1. Calf rather stiff/sore and some tenderness at R glute-hamstring attachment, better after I was warmed up.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

A day off

Couldn't go to sleep till FOREVER last night, and barely could stay under after that - warm exertion in the evening is not compatible with decent sleep! Needed to be downtown at G.'s for breakfast, and the situation there continues to be rather draining (plus one other minor work worry cropped up and required emergency attention, not affecting me directly but upsetting regardless). I am covered with chafing esp. under bra strap from a week of hot and humid running, too; and I think cumulatively it is time for a day off. Gonna try and get in a few doubles over the next three weeks.....

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Day 46, run 44

Strange to say, that was the nicest run I have had for quite a while! I decided last night that I was not even going to ATTEMPT to get up early, and it is just SO DARN HOT that running mid-morning seemed stupid. So I was resigned to leaving it till early evening - it is a pity not to get the mood boost at the beginning of the day rather than the end, but so be it. That said, I got out around 7:45pm and pretty much the entire run was enjoyable! It was in 80s rather than 90s, that's a plus. Even more so: no soreness/stiffness/tenderness in any of the usual places until after the first hour, when I started to get some small pings in R hip/hamstring. Still, very good - it's greasy humid weather, not lovely (still 80F at 10pm), but I like hearing the chorus of chirpers and seeing nighttime wildlife (rats notwithstanding)...

1.5hr as 2:1 jog-walk

Friday, July 21, 2017

Day 45, run 43

Somewhat less humid this morning, still warm but not horrible like it has been the last couple days. Need to get myself into a better mood!

30:00 easy

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 44, run 42

It has somehow been a tough week, I am not bounding with energy! Got up very early (woke half an hour before alarm even - still benefiting from boost of Brent's early schedule), couldn't make myself run, sensibly instead went to office to pick up dissertation and spent morning reading it for defense tomorrow at Fordham. Afternoon stayed home to wait for dryer repair guy (SEEMS LIKE IT IS FIXED, that is good, only took me 2 months to get around to calling for a technician!), could not get myself out the door to get downtown (IT IS TOO HOT) to lift, felt guilty about that, but did finally make myself get out c. 7:30 to run since I knew I would be a pit of self-reproach otherwise. So that's something, anyway...

40:00 as 4:1 very very slow hot jog-walk...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 43, run 41

Not quite as planned, but we will count it regardless! Met J. at noon at Chelsea Piers for "run," had not figured on it being quite so hot and it is a terribly sunny route - we did some jog intervals to begin with but devolved to walking for much of the time. Got a cold drink at Chelsea Market (cucumber lemonade, water) and then rode bike home. Drinking a seltzer now to try and cool down some more! Actually Cayman desensitized me to humidity, it doesn't seem bad here compared, and the sun is not nearly as lethal....

1hr brisk walk with run intervals
10mi RT bike

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Good to ease back into lifting with an upper body day! I had allergy shots at 4 at 14th St. so there was no way I could talk myself out of it - funny how when you miss a couple weeks of something, there is a hump to get over getting back to it even if it's something you know you love. Anyway very nice to see everybody, and it was an enjoyable and not too strenuous workout (I am basically just looking not to "break" anything - all exercise currently for good mental and physical health rather than any specific fitness goals, and must continue to be careful of back).

Bench: 4 x 6 @ 60% (I lowballed it at 70), with 6-0-0 (i.e. six seconds descending) (I really like this kind of set)

DB row: 3 x 10 @ 37.5

DB floor press: 3 x 15 @ 17.5 (only one 22.5 and the 27s felt too heavy for that number of reps)

100 face pull (band)

150 triceps pulldown (band)

About :45 total

Day 42, run 40

Well, partial success, partial failure - set myself up for the latter via various minor choices (getting out latish on an empty stomach, taking shady route although it means I don't have a straightforward out and back and HATE having to back-track or do extra once I reach my start/exit point). Should have been an hour, but only managed 45:00, I was home and ready to stop! But I did do a perfectly reasonable job with my 6 x :30 hill intervals. Will add on the missed 15 minutes to some other run this week.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 41, run 39

Arghhhh, I am USELESS the day after travel. Literally got up at 8 intending to run not long thereafter, but in fact spent the WHOLE DAY in bed. Not really sleeping as such, just not able to deal! Anyway finally pulled myself together mid-afternoon and got out for the EASY TWENTY-MINUTE RUN that was the only thing I really had to do (bailed on lifting, annoyed with myself about this as one promise I made to myself at the end of last week was that once I was back in NYC I was not going to let life stress/being overwhelmed stop me from getting to the gym to lift with the team, but actually if the daily run is the non-negotiable I cannot also have lifting as non-negotiable, and hopefully it's better from here on out). Back/hip/hamstring all feel fine, right lower calf very stiff as it has been the last few days, gotta get that stretched out. Proper run tomorrow, and I think I will be able to cope with getting out/downtown to lift....

20 easy

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 40, run 38

Just 20 rather than the prescribed 30 - I am antsy and anxious on travel day, and there is an OBSTACLE about 10 minutes into my run route that I could not make myself get over the hump of (a major construction project, sidewalk closed on sea side, you have to cross over but the sidewalk on the non-sea side is pretty erratic, and the crossing button isn't working) - not honestly a big deal, more like a minor annoyance, but it is the sort of thing that is off-putting when your mind is already on the next thing (getting sweaty running clothes in the wash, starting to pack, etc.)

Anyway, 20+ easy and warm....

Saturday, July 15, 2017


1.5 hr "kriya" yoga. Which I liked very much in terms of the substantive part - but was horrified by some pseudo-scientific guff in opening about how breast cancer results from blockages of self-care and colon cancer from anger - ARGHHHHHHHHH! Not in the mood to hear this foolish stuff!

Day 39, run 37

:45 easy as 4:1 jog-walk.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 38, run 36

:30 early, then mid-morning para yoga. GOOD. Going home Sunday - I am afraid the week of re-entry will be a bit rocky....

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Short run + power yoga

It was a few minutes shorter than 20 I'm afraid to say - turned around a little early, no good reason (mildly sore back, the usual homebody/agoraphobic dislike for having overshot my actual destination and the feeling of traveling AWAY rather than TO it). Say 15 plus 1hr power yoga. Day 37, run 35.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 36, run 34

The dreaded "cleaner day" - I will not do yoga, just hole up in cleaner exile at the cafe doing my work! 1hr as 4:1 jog-walk. Got out pretty early but it is still mighty warm....

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Short run/excellent yoga

Hahaha, I am always a LITTLE scared of this class, though it's irrational - thought I'd better get a week of regular yoga under my belt before walking over the threshold of Mark's 6am power yoga! However really it is good, I don't have amazing yoga fitness but I have solid aerobic base and good strength - the only thing that makes me feel hapless is how clumsy I am making my way to the top of the mat or doing quick transitions from things like halfway lift to chatturanga. ANYWAY it was great, I need help kicking my legs up (combination of stiff hamstrings and scared brain) but I got into very reasonable supported headstand and handstand, that was fun!

20 mins run
1hr power yoga!

Monday, July 10, 2017


Keri's flow class is particularly good, I was satisfied (and sweaty), I decided to let common sense beat out obsessiveness and call that enough for the day...

1hr flow yoga

Day 34, run 32

A warm hour, very early, as 4:1. I am hoping to do some double yoga sessions this week, I have been coveting this yoga retreat my friend Alex is teaching at Kripalu at the end of July, only the thought of going away again so soon after I get home is just inconceivable - so, more yoga here instead - but it seems slightly implausible after that warm hour, one further hour of exercise may be enough given that the second yoga would have to be the dreaded "hot"...

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Day 33, run 31

Just 20 mins. Beat Brent to the coffee shop!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 32, run 30

Ran early: 30:00 as 4:1. Noon yin yoga, which I wasn't somehow in the mood for - grumpily contemplating uncomfortable nature of positions and teacher's failure to give specific helpful instructions about how to use props at the start of each posture to make it comfortable! Which meant for the first class of half I was horribly fidgeting and rearranging midway through, and for the second class modifying in ways that were still uncomfortable and also didn't really seem in the spirit of the instructions. I was frustrated! I am going to do a very strenuous/challenging yoga class tomorrow morning to make up for it.

30 easy run
1hr yin yoga

Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 31, run 29

That was a nice one, I am getting a bit more heat acclimation. I particularly like 40 as it breaks down to run-walk intervals - by the time you are at 8, you are 2/5 done with the outgoing leg, and after only one more intervals you are 3/5 done...

40:00 as 3:1 jog-walk

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day 30, run 28

Fortunately just 20 minutes. It is funny, I can chameleon/shoehorn myself into Brent's schedule because it is such a powerful and rigid template (and I really don't like treadmill running, which in this climate is the reality of anything after about 7am), but inwardly I start to chafe a little bit at its unrelenting monotony. Will be glad to bust out some late mornings and daytime naps with cats when I am back in NYC!

20 minutes easy

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day 29, run 27

45:00 as 2:1 jog-walk. Makes me feel like a slacker, but I can see the benefits - this early rising and running is already starting to feel a little monotonous, it works to (a) make it an easier task (b) give back/hamstring necessary relief (c) make hydration and heat management easier. In general felt better - looser, more mobile - than yesterday, but def. numbness/tenderness along R hamstring right from start and growing more pronounced as I proceed - not horrible, but still clearly important to err on side of caution.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017


A yoga class that integrates some pilates stuff, which I find extremely challenging (that probably means it is good for me - certainly it is the stuff the PT wanted me to keep doing).

1hr yoga

Day 28, run 26

Just twenty minutes on the schedule, that was good, more likely I can do a treadmill one in the afternoon?

Monday, July 3, 2017


Holiday schedule here ("Constitution Day"). 8:45 flow class, not nearly as hard as yesterday's (perhaps fortunately?). Got one more workout this afternoon...

Day 27, run 25

Hahaha, Brent is such a good influence, between him and David's online coaching it would be almost impossible for me NOT to be running daily! Got out early for nice easy 30 minutes as 2:1 jog-walk. Yoga at 8:45 (it's a holiday here and class schedule is somewhat anomalous).

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Ah, I love this so much, I have to find a way to have more yoga in my life in NYC!

(I am NOT in yoga shape right now, but two weeks of going every day will kickstart, and I will find a way of keeping it up when I'm home - there is good yoga at Chelsea Piers, only it's not close, but there's another really good studio 10 blocks from my house, so I have no excuse.)

1.25hr apparently simple but in fact extremely challenging flow yoga!

Day 26, run 24

I should get out just a little earlier, but it worked out about right. On Sundays Cafe del Sol doesn't open till 7, so I got there just as Brent was ordering (he is if not the first then one of the first customers).

:48 easy as 2:1 jog-walk

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Yin yoga

Deep stretch with special focus on opening lower back! I have to say, that was absolutely excellent. The usual teacher was gone and a teacher I particularly like subbed for her. MORE YIN YOGA! (However sweaty/athletic yoga is good too, I might need to see if I can do some doubles this week....)

1hr deep stretch

Day 25, run 23

Had to take a zero yesterday, I don't really sleep at all the night before that Cayman flight (5am alarm, 6am car pickup) so it is hopeless to think of actually getting out for even a short run when I get here, especially since it's so hot! The missed night of sleep actually helps me transition quickly to Brent's schedule, though, so I was out the door shortly after 6:30am this morning (helped by the fact that we're on EST rather than EDT here) for 30 warm easy minutes. Met Brent at Cafe del Sol afterwards (he brings my Kindle so I have something to read!) for a Perrier and a mixed berry protein shake. Should get out a bit earlier tomorrow. On track for noon yin yoga, and have made my massive work to-do list, but am going to try NOT to work this weekend....

:30 easy

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Ah, I was overcome with dread beforehand - I haven't squatted FOREVER, and Thursday is traditionally squat day - but it was foolish, really we're in a period of conditioning more than anything else (GPP - general preparation?) and there were no squats scheduled! I love my teammates so much, I really have to make sure I can get to all three workouts in the week - I see why I failed on Monday and Tuesday but we will try and have that be an anomaly rather than a pattern. General prep for at least a couple more weeks still, so that will mean that I'm not missing anything huge while I'm in Cayman.

circuit x 4: (a) 10 med ball slams (b) 10 plank with banded row each side (c) (instead of prowler) low step-ups, 50 each leg

walking lunges: 3 x 15

band hip thrusts x 100

gunshow (triceps, biceps) x 150

1hr total

Day 22, run 21

Yesterday went well (interview at Cambridge UP downtown for forthcoming Austen book publicity, then a day spent with G. so his carer could spend time with his family) but by the time I got home c. 10pm I was just DONE. And a slow start today inevitably. Have not done an iota of packing or tidying (early flight tomorrow, will book a car for 6am pickup I think). Need to get downtown in a bit for allergy shots and powerlifting - it is pretty pitiful that I will have only made it to one out of three sessions this week, that is just the week that I'm having...

:40 very easy as 1:1 jog-walk

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Day 21, run 20

:42 as 2:1. Beautiful running weather - first cool and overcast, then sun came out, but NYT website still gives weather as 67F and humidity is low! I should live in a climate where it's like that year-round....

Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 20, run 19

:30 easy, on a beautiful evening in the park (yes, absolutely should have gotten out earlier, but it was a day when it proved hard to get out of bed!). Canceled powerlifting, weekend of so much friends and family just wiped me out. Very good to have day of no human interaction (Brent left mid-morning for airport).

(I did run yesterday, miraculously, before we went downtown for breakfast and thence to NJ to visit my brother's family AND PUG. It was just :20 but without Brent's presence I doubt I would have been able to get up and make it happen - commitment structures/accountability!)

:30 easy

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day 18, run 17

And good example of a day in which I would not have run at all without the double accountability of (a) 100 in 100 and (b) David's coaching! I am ashamed to admit it, but much of the afternoon will now be occupied with the project of Ladyfication for Amy's wedding...

:30 easy but warm/wet (there is SO MUCH WATER in the park! And a lot of damage to trees - yesterday I saw one of the big weeping willowesque ones in the bit of park north of 59th St. completely uprooted...).

Friday, June 23, 2017


Wait, I never blogged by second one yesterday! Made good choice to stay home rather than going downtown to lift, let me get some errands done in preparation for Brent's arrival and Amy's wedding this weekend and also got out for short SECOND run - Day 16, run 15. Breakfast with Brent, how nice; and got out middle of the day for my long one, as tomorrow is less propitious for it. 90 minutes easy, w ith first hour as 2:1 then switching to 1:1 for remainder. My back d idn't hurt at all! Glute-hamstring thing felt a bit funny at first, then increasingly not quite right (more tender, less numb, and running further down leg), thus pull back to lower ratio. Glad to feel I am so much on the mend tho. That's day 17, run 16. Won't be able to do another double I suspect before traveling to Cayman at the end of next week, but have a plan for how to do a couple each week there (and a LOT of yoga...).

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Day 16, run 14

A legitimate one this time. Flying to Cayman a week from tomorrow and really need the reset - intending to do yoga every day. I am not at all in the zone of intense daily writing, unfortunately, and not sure I will have time next week to do the library/prep work that is needed in advance, but will make sure I have SOME kind of daily intellectual/writerly task...

:45 easy

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

LONG DAY - final PT, walk subbed for run

Ah, I put finishing my index above running earlier, I can't say I regret it though it was probably not the right choice in an absolutely abstract balanced sense. By the time I was done (printed out draft! full of glitches, will fix tomorrow and send by end of day so that I can ignore work for the 3 days Brent is here - he's flying in Thursday and back out Monday for my friend Amy's wedding, and there are inevitably a lot of party and family obligations in any case - but I will be in a better mood if index is sent!), I had to get downtown for PT. Good session - my FINAL PT, I am promoted! Must continue to do core stuff, but being back at lifting is a huge help.

Stopped by for what I thought would be a brief visit with G., but it was the most beautiful day and we sat outside for a long time by the water, went back upstairs and then to my utter surprise he suggested going out for dinner! Which I could not refuse - I really did not think we would ever be able to do that again, wheelchair or no. Anyway, by the time we were back post-dinner, it was 7:45, I was full of dinner and only wearing sandals with no running shoes. So I decided I'd take the one-off "exemption" and do a brisk walk to substitute for the run. Will not abuse this privilege, but today it just had to be that way.

Next week is not propitious for doubles, arghhh....

:45 brisk walk as sub for day 15, "run" 13

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Josh has us more on conditioning-type stuff, but really I like that. Skipped final prowler (it came, uncharacteristically, on its own at the end rather than as part of circuit). As much as I don't feel currently in good shape (overweight!), I run so regularly that base aerobic fitness is very solid, I can see I cope with the wall-bounce stuff as well as most of the others.

Medicine ball side slam: 6 x :40/:40 plus (only!) :20 rest

Circuit x 5: (a) 10 x bench @ 65 (supposed to be 65%, but I am still lowballing as I get back into it); (b) floor press x 15 @ 17.5; (c) 5 pushups; (d) 15 x medicine ball chest bounce.

Then I just did some stretching.

1hr upper body miscellany

Day 14, run 12

:20 easy. Day for usual grumpy "I hate summer, the weather and the season" sentiment. Much-loved family member's ongoing health situation continues to make me glum, I don't think there's any getting past that! Trying to lower expectations of myself re: work and life in general till times are better.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday lower-body workout

Ugh, I have been barely functioning today - I guess I can blame it on the weather? The trouble with running so late last night was then this morning it seemed like I'd just done it and I truly couldn't face going out again into that humidity, took a zero and will have to see where I can make it up (this weekend is not promising in that regard). Felt utterly uninspired for powerlifting - very intense allergies in eyes and nose and face, so much so that I really sorta felt like I was sick - trudged through the workout without enjoying it much. Thunderstorm ongoing, if it's less humid tomorrow everything should seem better....

1hr lower body (circuit of 5 x 15 medicine ball slams, 10 x walking lunges, 10 x each-side plank with band row [I skipped prowler]; deadlift 6 x 3 @ conservative 141 with no miniband; 100 hammer curls with 12.5. Some PT stretching.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Saturday & Sunday

Hmmm, I guess I only wrote in my log yesterday and didn't log here? Anyway: "90 min easy to explore. Mostly walking! JMD: disgusting weather, super-rainy earlier so I kinda ill-advisedly spent day in bed partly reading but mostly napping. However did finally get out - it's not hot, just DISGUSTINGLY humid. Did my normal out and back along the river - outgoing :45 as 2:00/1:00 jog-walk, then switched to 1/1 for wway home. As I walked up hill into "my" bit of park i realized that my right hamstring/glute were by this point really not feeling great (not painful, but with a lot of twinges of the overstretching variety - back OTOH was great!), and decided to just walk the last bit home. So about 100 minutes total, mostly mix of jog-walk, pretty good! Day 11, run 10."

And just now, also better late than never edition - it never did get less humid, it's still utterly disgusting, though nice to still have a bit of light as I finish just after 9pm (and fireflies!) - :30 easy. The daily run ritual is suiting me very well, and new step counter helping as well - makes it slightly more appealing to walk bits and bobs around town that I otherwise might do on a bus or in a taxi...

Friday, June 16, 2017

Day 10, run 9

:30 easy. Lower back rather sore on both sides, maybe from something in yesterday's workout? Very glad I am on the 100 in 100 - currently suffering from a good deal of distraction/lack of productivity/stress re: my elderly dear family member's ongoing health situation, and doing even a very short daily run counters the unwanted (and largely irrational?) feeling of being a useless layabout!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday lower body

I am exhausted! Not from working out as such, just from day out and about doing misc. bits and bobs. Seems like Josh has everyone doing a lot of conditioning stuff right now. He and I are on the same page re: me not overdoing it (PT was stern the other week about not just suddenly doing tons of lunges just because it's how the workout is written, and easing back into things sensibly!). So I skipped the whole middle bit, which was an evil workout (I actually thought Rob was going to throw up!) involving 3 sets of Bulgarian split squats with 8 @ 52.5s then straight into 20 with no weight on the same side. Lethal! Used rest of the time to do my PT exercises - easier to do them properly when I am at a gym-like place, clearly.

1:10 or so altogether, with work as 5 x (10 medicine ball slams, walking lunges x 10 on each leg, 10 x planks with one-arm row with band); 100 hamstring curl swiss ball.

Day 9, run 8

Just :22 easy. No PT later, but squats, so good to keep it light.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Temperature dropped to more reasonable range overnight, though by the time I got out it was midday at 80F and sultry, so it was still pretty hot, just not sweltering! Finally got Garmin vivosmart HR+ device set up - it took a couple tries, I hate that sort of fiddling! Will possibly go to the gym later for yoga and/or (gulp) Pilates - I need to get more core stuff built into my exercise schedule so that back stays mostly better.

:45 with 4 x 1:00 hills

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


OK, my day today went much better than yesterday. Good PT session, it was all just me doing exercises and then some heat/stim at the end - John says that I am basically as fixed as he can get me, we'll have one session next week and one the week after but really I'm graduating! This is good not least because it solves the Thursday workout problem - now I can just do regular 5pm squat workout on Thursdays without worrying about trying to do it after back pummeling.

Then a nice hour with the team at Chelsea Piers.

(1) medicine ball tempo wall bounce, 10 x :20 high-intensity, :40 recovery
(2) circuit x 5: (a) bench x 8 @ 60-70% (I went a little lower than that @ 65lb); (b) floor press x 10 @ 17.5; (c) eccentric pushup x 5
(3) single-arm rows, 5 x 15 @ 32.5
(4) gunshow (100 each of banded triceps, curls)

Day 7, run 6

Just :20 (I have PT later and lifting). It is really hot here!

Monday, June 12, 2017


I couldn't get out to run earlier, I was exhausted from a long day out yesterday at G.'s and just couldn't force myself out the door - in fact went back to bed and felt utterly useless! Did pull myself back together midafternoon and made it downtown (hahaha, psychological emergency mode plus heat wave, I am allowed to take a taxi!) to lift at 5 with the team. Which has made me feel much, much better. I slightly overdid it last week, PT sternly tells me not to feel like I should be doing all reps all sets as assigned, so I tailored workout as needed.

(1) conditioning circuit assigned as 6 x (20-yard prowler @ 50lb, 15 x medicine ball slam, 15 x walking lunges). I did no prowler (it has always bothered my knees and back, and given that it's for conditioning I feel OK just skipping it, generally I am doing more outside conditioning stuff than many of the other lifters), all 6 slams and 3 sets of walking lunges - I can feel the weakness on the right side towards the end of the set, and that is where I really shouldn't overdo it. Did some of my back exercises to fill out the timme (bird dog, piriformis stretch).

(2) DL set. Assigned, appealingly, as (a) 1 x 4 @ 82.5%; (b) 1 x 8 @ 65%; (c) 2 x 10 @ 72.5%; (d) 1 x 3 @ 80%. For future reference! The high reps I am really doing at low weights, I played around with the other numbers as appropriate - I am looking forward to being back in proper lifting shape!

So, anyway:

1 x 4 @ 161
1 x 8 @ 111 (10kg bumpers on bar, this is lowest it goes)
2 x 10 @ 111
1 x 3 @ 161

(3) 100 abs. Did some side and front planks as per PT instructions and finished out the rest of the essential stretches, including using lacrosse ball to open up lower back.

1hr and a bit. Will go home now and ice back, it's not painful as such but that is clearly the best thing to do after using the lacrosse ball so aggressively. I'll lift tomorrow with the team, it's fine having 2pm PT and 5pm bench, but will try and set up a daytimme session with Josh for the third workout - last week showed me pretty clearly that after having back painfully pummeled at PT (whatever we are doing that day, it's going to be something sore that should be following by going home and icing), it will not be sensible to go and squat - hopefully we can do Wednesday or Friday day.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 5, run 5

A scant :15 - I was actually up (for me) super-early, but needed the time to finish writing a reader report on a manuscript before heading downtown for breakfast and day at G.'s. It's shaping up to be a scorcher - dogs of NYC already pantingly hot!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day 4, run 4

Only had time for :25, not the full hour on the schedule - will make that one up over one of the coming days.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Day 3, run 3

Just :20 easy. Gotta shower and get dressed & get to campus for noon meeting and 1pm dissertation defense!

Thursday, June 8, 2017


It was very good. Back is so much better although there is still of course room for further work, including some v painful pressing on top right edge of QL, which was twinging during my morning's run. Decided afterwards (I have grown wiser as well as older) not to go to the gym for the squat workout but instead come home and put some ice on it!


:20 easy. Hoping it sticks, but I feel like my mood has turned more strongly positive...

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 1, 100 in 100!

It's a plan! I missed three days in a row, it's understandable given transition back to lifting this week and G.'s ongoing health situation, but it is so beneficial for my mood, I just can't let the daily running go. It was a struggle to get out the door this evening, but it was lovely once I was out there. You only notice how nice it is NOT to have a sore back when you have had many many months of it always being rather sore and trying to ignore it! Very nice weather, finally stopped raining, sunny, but with a hint of cool. Weekend forecast is for high heat and humidity, ugh - my allergies are also HORRIBLE this week, and I was wheezing the whole jog despite having used rescue inhaler in advance as I always do. Will be careful, would be a disaster right now if I get sick and can't use exercise to regulate mood...

35:00 with 6 x :20 hills

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


No run today, my glutes are of course absurdly sore from doing lunges yesterday after several months off from lifting! A very good hour of PT - my back is miraculously almost completely better, I am still slightly amazed, it's really been so sore all this year; no short run, too tired/sore and trying to be cautious; an hour of upper-body at Chelsea Piers. Note to self: use common sense and moderation, do not suddenly try and do everything at once (I had my eye on a sprint triathlon in Cayman in July, but I said out loud to the PT guy this afternoon that I should just be a kayak volunteer if I want to be involved, that's always nice too!), just adding lifting back in and finding some slots for yoga will be plenty for this month rather than worrying about swim/bike.

(1) 8lb medicine ball, 6 x 1min on, 30sec off (this is brutal - the big soft ones, not the smaller harder bouncy ones)
(2) bench bamboo (10lb plate hung via band at each end of bar), 3 x 10 (given as 30-50 total)
(3) close-grip bench, 3 x 6 @ 60 with 6-0-0
(4) gunshow 100 total (band for bicep curls, triceps pulldown)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Back at the gym!

OK, I am really feeling happy - I forgot how important the longer exercise sessions are to my morale, I don't need to be doing anything epic but I spend so much time doing nothing it is very helpful to have these chunks where I'm occupied for a few hours doing things along spectrum from mildly to moderately strenuous! HAPPY HAPPY!

(Took a zero yesterday due to time mismanagement, didn't run today either although I meant to but it was for the best as I did a lot of s tuff later on.)

Most important - back at lifting! Deadlift day, my favorite. Gonna lift really light for a while, no point overdoing it. I have four weeks now before I go to Brent's, then 2 weeks there that will involve more yoga (but I may get a trainer so that I don't just drop off lifting altogether - much more likely to do it with some kind of commitment structure).

10mi RT bike
1hr lower body: 5 x circuit of [I skipped prowler] 10 medicine ball slams, band hip thrust x 20, shrugs x 0; (1) deadlifts, 3 x 10 @ 65-70%, but I just did 110 (less than 50%); (2) walking lunges, 2 x 20; (3) curls, 2 x 10; + PT.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Short run

Just did :30 easy, had a slightly longer one with hills on the menu but nervous stomach has continued to afflict me all week, I felt a bit queasy and figured I'd just do the default.

Friday, June 2, 2017

end of week catch-up

Life is kicking my ass! Survival mode exclusively. Wednesday I had to take a zero, simply no way I was getting out of the door; Thursday I had a pretty good one, 40:00 with 4 x :20 hills in the middle, then an effective and painful PT session (much work on everything, including some Graston on a trigger point at mid-back that was more noticeable to me while running now that lower back is rather better); today, 25:00 only, bruised from yesterday's manipulations!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Seems like I've been switched permanently to the guy with the painful but effective hands. Feeling quite optimistic that we're finally getting this thing beat!

:30 easy

I am in emergency mode! Survival is the only goal!

:30 easy

Monday, May 29, 2017


Got home last night at a reasonable hour, had a Long Sleep, now ready I hope to face what the week will bring! (It's not an easy one.) Just did :25 easy.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

:20 easy, Mass Ave edition

An overwhelming week thoroughly got the better of me. Excellent PT session on Wednesday, painful but seems to have seriously improved both back and hamstring, really happy about that. Have done neither PT exercises nor runs over last couple days, it's just been hopeless/overwhelming, but I did get out just now from my Porter Square hotel room for :20 easy, and I think the happy running chemicals will help...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

:30 easy

Weather quite cool in NYC, though rather damp (it rained ALL day yesterday). This week is a bit of a write-off - just trying to get through it rather than add on anything mega-! Allergy shots downtown today, PT downtown tomorrow morning, prep meeting for a podcast interview on Thursday, workshop every day 1-5:30.

:30 easy

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Short warm run

Very good evening out last night at the cinema, where the BBC broadcast the Old Vic production of Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Have read that play many times but never seen a live production, it was great (as the reviews I'd read said, the Player King rather steals the show); forgot how strong the influence of Beckett is in the staging (also always think of Prufrock's "attendant lord"!). Just did :30 easy this morning - would have liked to fit in a yoga too, but it doesn't quite work with the time we need to get to the airport. Brent is traveling with me today, unexpectedly (it turned out to be part of best route to Ottawa, he'll travel the rest of the way tomorrow), so that is extremely nice!

:30 easy

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Yin yoga!

I really enjoyed that - deep stretch, pigeon especially beneficial. Couldn't quite face the hot class!

1hr yoga

Short warm run

Ending at Cafe del Sol to meet up with Brent - the Cafe del Sol on Lawrence Boulevard is the BEST Cafe del Sol....

:30 easy

Friday, May 19, 2017


It sounds like it should be easy - holding various pretty standard poses for a long time and concentrating on stillness and breath - but in fact it is extremely challenging, at times the sweat is pouring off me as though from the spout of a pitcher! I really like this class - para-inspired flow yoga - teacher Keri is training now with Rod Stryker. The meditation component is especially helpful to me - I liked the breathing exercise we ended with today and am just going to note it down here so that I can remember it for times I can't fall asleep!

10 x each, even steady breath

(1) inhale at count of 4, exhale at count of 6
(2) inhale at count of 4, exhale at count of 8
(3) inhale at count of 4, exhale at count of 8 plus 2 hold
(4) inhale at count of 4, exhale at count of 10

1.25hr flow yoga

Short run

Alarm went off 5:15 for tentative plan to do my short run BEFORE 6am yoga, GRUESOMELY TOO EARLY, reset alarm for more reasonable 6:15 and just did my :20 easy on its own. Looking forward to Keri's para-inspired flow class at 10:15, my favorite class of the week! (As Brent pointed out when he got back 6:30am from "first office," it is probably not a bad thing only to do one class per day - he is obviously the voice of reason about exercise in this household.)

:20 easy

p.s. If you never lived in a warm and humid climate, you would find it unbelievable how hot and sweaty even twenty minutes of easy jogging can get you!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hot yoga!

GRUESOMELY hot today! Not sure about factors - partly I suppose I was hot for longer earlier - usually I feel OK once I survive the standing sequence, but today even the mat stuff was a challenge to stay focused for.

Back was sore in the beginning - pinching/tight in the standing postures that put pressure on it - but feels fine now. Sciatica on the other hand reared up afterwards so strongly that I could hardly put weight on that leg! Fortunately wiggling it around and walking a bit seems to have returned it to something more like normal, but as Brent comments (he was there, unexpectedly, to pick me up, and given the pain shooting down right leg and how hot I was I was extremely grateful not to have to walk home in heat!), good thing I didn't do 2:1 earlier!

1hr overly hot yoga

Happy run-walk

The exact words in my training schedule: "1 hour easy (this can be walk:run in 1:1 ratio even)." Have only been doing 20-30 minutes so this was exciting, and I was musing on it to Brent the other day - the words "But I think I'll do 2:1 instead" may have emerged from my mouth, and he gave me a VERY skeptical look! And I had to admit - yes, it is the classic injured runner's logic...

Anyway I stuck to 1:1, with a view to seeing (a) how it felt while I was doing it and (b) how it will feel later in the day. Observations:

- hip is almost totally better, I'll continue to be careful but I'm not much worried about it any more
- back really benefits from walk breaks
- good dose of walking lets me really concentrate on form
- essential form issue: pelvic tilt! Keeping the sacrum "tucked under the pelvis" (as the yoga people say) really lets abs do their job supporting lower back, and prevents tension from building up there; also helps hip move freely in the socket (hip moving with socket rather than independently was part of my initial PT diagnosis - it's a consequence of tight lower back)
- the right glute-hamstring attachment is twingey right from the start (I believe it's where the sciatic nerve comes through the ischial tuberosity - PT is pretty sure impingement comes from there rather than from a disk, which I suppose is a good thing)
- but the rest of the hamstring was fine throughout, I didn't have that all-over tingling/numbness that is so unpleasant

Anyway, will be happy if I can build back up to longer runs, but no urgency to it...

1hr run-walk (1:1)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Short morning run/hot yoga

Must have forgotten to log this morning - just :20 easy. Hot yoga continues to feel very hot!

:20 run
1hr hot yoga

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hot yoga!

Hmmm, seems like the body really does adapt - that was quite tolerable, compared to the gruesome heat of yesterday and the day before. I made a couple other minor modifications that may help: not getting there early to do PT stretches (will have to do a session of those later in the day); wearing unflattering short shorts that let more heat exit through skin of legs. I was actually certain that it must be much less hot in the room today, but I asked the teacher afterwards what the top temperature was, and she said 107F...

1hr hot yoga!

Warm short run!

That was good. Last night I thought the better of my double yoga plan - I didn't need to get up super-early, and I just need to try and fix my back etc., not get SPA-D out to the utmost degree! Will try a longer run tomorrow morning, that's nice. And 10:30 hot yoga which I hope will be not QUITE as hot as yesterday!

:30 easy

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hot yoga!

Hahaha, that really was gruesomely too hot - it was the 1hr class rather than the 1.25hr one I did by accident yesterday, the standing sequence goes by more quickly and I was certainly upright for a higher proportion of it, but the heat just wouldn't stop. (Actually I think it's the humidity - ideal Bikram-style room is supposed to be 105F and 40% humidity, I am sure this really was at least 105 but the humidity outside is 75% and there's no real way of bringing it down - other than BY LEAVING THE HEAT ON FOR LONGER THAN USUAL.) Not sure I am cut out for this, but it is so good for everything, and also I know from regular past experience that if I go 3-4 days in a row, the 5th day will suddenly seem relatively manageable...

1hr very hot yoga

Short warm run

Just :25 or so. Worked hard NOT to sleep on the bursitical hip, and it did seem to help. Hamstring/back not right but not horrible either. Eyes on mega-yoga for the week!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

HOT yoga!

Got up to run, but hip was achy yesterday and this morning (not sure if it's from running, yoga or just SLEEPING ON THE WRONG SIDE - I blame the last), so I decided it would be smarter to skip it. 8am hot yoga - I thought it was the 60-minute version, which is less overwhelming when you have no heat tolerance, but unfortunately it was the 75-minute - had to lie down for a bunch of the standing series, was just feeling queasy with heat, but the mat series is always better (not as hot and HR doesn't go as high). I do think it is beneficial for the problem area - will try and do one hot class every day for the rest of the time I'm here...

75 minutes hot yoga

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Oh, that was so good - being back at daily yoga is making me extremely happy. Another really good class - the teachers at Bliss are so great, they all keep learning and developing (and learning from each other), truly a pleasure....

1hr flow yoga

Warm brief run!

Alarm went off 5:45, waking me up in the middle of an extremely vivid and fantastical narrative melatonin dream that I was thoroughly enjoying - I turned it off with firm words (THIS IS TOO EARLY) and reset for 6:15, but really I was awake and transferred myself to the other room for a last bit of lounging. Turned alarm off just before it was due to go off and was out the door I suppose 6:30 - noticeably cooler than 45 minutes later would be, the sun is just up but not full in the sky and you're a little more protected from heat. Hamstring not right, back OK at first but getting sore by the end - will continue with these short ones until both of those are significantly better.

:25 warm and easy

Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy yoga!

My favorite class (or one of my favorites, anyway - lots of great stuff here), Keri's para-yoga-inspired session. So good! MUST DO MORE YOGA!


Short warm Cayman run!

Got here smoothly yesterday but it's a tiring day of travel, didn't quite make it out the door to mid-afternoon yoga (also I was finishing the new Jo Nesbo novel). Could have got up earlier when alarm initially went off (forgot to reset phone time from eastern daylight to eastern standard, so it was a whole hour earlier than I even had intended), didn't, but did finally get out the door just after 7am. It's warm by then, sun's fully up, but these short runs are more forgiving. Keri is teaching para yoga at 10:15, I am excited! Really just in a good mood to be here with B....

:25 warm and easy

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday stretch-run

Everything seemed achey all day, ugh, but certainly even :25 easy jog is much preferable to NONE! :15 stretch, :25 jog. Early flight to Cayman tomorrow, looking forward to mega-yoga and mega-Gibbon once I'm there....

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday PT

A good session. By the time I got home, I was pretty much too tired to run - gotta get a proper schedule/life reset when I get back Cayman! (Flying there on Thursday for 10 days.) Allergies still very strong, eyes feel like sandpaper, worst season for it I can remember in a long time. Annoyed with myself for forgetting to make more PT appointments while I was there in person - will have to pick up the phone tomorrow to fix that (NOOOooooooooooooooo!)....

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday stretch-run

Had to take a zero Sunday, was downtown at G.'s all day and was just completely DONE by the time I got home early evening. Also everything seemed "lit up" Saturday (to use Brent's appealing expression) and I thought I'd take my day off from running on Sunday instead of Monday.

I also think that at least for now I should do the PT stretches before the run, in that it remains hard to make myself do them post-run. Did that today and it worked well I think.

c. 15:00 stretches
30:00 easy run (very nice too, back much better than Saturday, hamstring not right but not painful as such)

Saturday, May 6, 2017


:25 jog, :17 PT. Gonna start timing it and logging it here in the hope that it will act as an incentive to get it done. The hamstring stuff is honestly feeling worse than it has all year, I think working on it stirred things up - that plus seasonal allergies are making me unduly grumpy.

Friday, May 5, 2017


Thursday: an intentional no-run day (though really I think I should do a short run every day, resting hamstring doesn't make it any better given that it's nerve pain, and back is just tight for the duration I think!). Good PT session, not quite as painful as Tuesday's I would say!

Today: horrible rainy day, I was grumpy and didn't do much that was useful, but it did finally stop raining and I got out just now to return recalled overdue library books and have 30 minutes easy jog in the park. Which is FULL of water, air and grass alike...

(Need to eat first but WILL THEN DO PT EXERCISES - still haven't acquired stickers for a chart, but I think I must, surely it would help....)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Sunday: notionally intended to do 9am yoga class before checking out of hotel and going to airport, but Brent's alarm was for 4:30am (he was on a much earlier flight) and neither of us slept much in the hours leading up to that, so already weak willpower failed me! My flight was then quite a bit delayed, and I didn't get home till 2am...

Monday: A wash. Extreme fatigue!

Tuesday: A very good PT session with Jason. Much work on the unfortunate hamstring. Best theory: it's some kind of nerve impingement, emanating from lower down than spine (probably coming out of ischial tuberosity) and causing a good deal of discomfort. Two new stretches: "slump sliders" for "neural flossing" (I can't get over this phrasing!), one-leg Romanian deadlifts. In the early evening, jogged :30 and was VERY happy to be back out there, beautiful weather. Hip is fine, back is tight as usual, hamstring really felt sore after being worked on.

Wednesday: :25 easy. Again, most beautiful weather! Hamstring doesn't feel so good, hip fine, back tight by the end and I think I will stick to short runs till things are feeling better - really running short daily is the thing that's most valuable to me, shouldn't jeopardize it. Need to do stretches now - not a particularly appealing prospect.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Grumpy minor Saturday workout

I think I'm just ready to be at home and back in regimen of nutritional soundness and regular exercise - I feel like I weigh one MILLION pounds, I need to start weightlifting again. Couldn't settle in at anything - the treadmill I was on (the only vacant one out of about 30 - it's a huge fitness center!) was slightly broken in a way that meant I couldn't easily do my usual preferred run-walk intervals, and when I did first faster minute on the bike my right hamstring was twinging. Anyway, better something than nothing I suppose, but I am determined to figure out what's going on with that hamstring bit - the back problem I understand and can counter if I am responsible about it, and the hip was a local minor thing that is already much better, but this has been bugging me for a long time now. PT thinks it's possible nerve pain from some disc impingement and suggests stretching back, but I am not sure that's the only thing going on.

15 mins treadmill
15 mins back PT
15 mins bike

Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday yoga

A better class this morning, I thought. Did some PT stretching beforehand. 50-minute class.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Unfortunately the good teacher has gone on vacation! Today's class was a perfectly serviceable vinyasa sequence, I thoroughly enjoyed it and sweated a bit as well as getting a good stretch, but I hate seeing a teacher not really explain things properly - it was a class of mostly newbies and there was no mention of squaring the hips or many other bread-and-butter essentials that I think would have been worth spending the time on! My two cents - I think there's an 11am tomorrow taught by a different teacher, I'll give that one a go. I'm not really complaining, it's a fantastic luxury to have yoga classes offered in the hotel!

1hr yoga

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Must have forgotten to log it earlier, but another lovely hour this morning of yin yoga. Otherwise today has been a write-off - too tired to do anything other than lie in bed!

1hr yin yoga

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I'm back!

Ah, I can't even say it's been an ordeal not exercising - I haven't particularly enjoyed it, sure, and I don't like the feeling of not exercising, but I've been so busy that it was relatively OK. Medical appointment and PT Thursday gave some resolution and clearance to get started again, with caution: doctor's verdict is that I have hip bursitis, no arthritis in hips and some arthritis in spine (not great, but OTOH imaging often shows things that don't really affect day-to-day life, so I'm not too worried). Basically he says that for weightlifting longevity (you can do it till you're 90 if you're smart), less running and more yoga will pretty certainly be in order. I take that to mean short daily running being better than major endurance stuff, though I am optimistic that I should be able to have the amount of running I consider optimal without undue pain (i.e. run most days, 30-60 usually and once a week 90 - it would be hard to claim it is one's right to do more than that!). MORE YOGA!

Thereafter had a good midday session with Jason at Fusion and am determined to get back to proper PT routine, though I didn't do well in subsequent days: dawn-to-dusk conference at Columbia Friday, 5am pickup the next morning for flight to Vegas, friends picked me up and fed me and took me on wonderful trip to Zion National Park! We walked a bit early evening Saturday and did a longer hike (nothing crazy) Sunday. Monday I got to the Bellagio late afternoon and did a short version of back stretches, but had no vim to exercise. But this morning I woke up feeling very happy that it was time to get back at it!

GLORIOUSLY for me (seriously, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of what a fortunate life I'm leading) there is an 11am "yin yoga" (sort of like a deep stretch class - the yin yoga in Cayman i s more like meditation + restorative) that is PERFECTLY suited to my back/hip/hamstring needs. Did that class (will do it again tomorrow, though I don't think it's an option Thurs. or Fri., did a few more stretches after and then did 35 minutes on the treadmill.

:35 as 10:00 warmup @ 4.5, 5 x 2:00 @ 5.5, 1:00 walking recovery, 3 x :40 @ 7.5, 1:20 walking recovery

Saturday, April 15, 2017


The nice thing about this week was that B. was here! (He left this morning, but I'll see him again in a week and a half in Vegas and then for a proper long Cayman visit in May.) The 2 bad things about this week were sore back/hip and decision to write off the May race and instead pursue diagnosis and treatment in order to FIX what has really been an ongoing set of problems; and an also ongoing close family member's health crisis. It is best when this sort of thing is going on to be maniacally busy with work, but unfortunately in this regard I am currently on sabbatical! So yes, it was pretty much a week of languishing, can't remember the last time I was so pointlessly unproductive, but I guess I am ready to un-languish and get on with the next round of stuff. Doctor appointment Thursday, I will consider starting up short runs again based on what he says, but in the meantime I am playing it very cautiously (I think I understand the dimensions of the sore back, but I really am a little worried that the hip might be a stress reaction or similar). Coach David has written up bike workouts - I rode my actual bike down to Chelsea Piers (hahaha, should have pumped tires first, that was more strenuous than it should have been!), then did :40 on a spin bike with 10 x (1:00 easy @ 90rpm, 1:00 fast @ 110rpm). Had nice chats with sometime swim lanemates and 2 of my best powerlifting buddies, so that was good too.

10mi rt bike
:40 spin bike intervals

Monday, April 10, 2017

Long run

My second 20-miler, completed only in order to keep options open but in unwelcome knowledge that really everything is too sore for it to make sense for me to keep doing this right now! About 80% sure by halfway through that I am going to bail on the May event - will give myself a week to think about it (and see if daily major stretching improves back/hip/thigh issues), but I think really I've been ignoring the reality of the situation...

20 VERY SLOW miles (last couple included a lot of walking)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday run

It really was a rather inauspicious week for running, though other nice things are happening (B. got here yesterday and we went to see Hamilton!). Sore back/hip/hamstring; massive seasonal allergies, ugh; bad weather for most of the week. Hoping to make the week and a half between now and departure for my week in Las Vegas really count...

1hr easy

Friday, April 7, 2017

Took yesterday as a zero - it was raining so hard in the early evening that I couldn't even face notional plan of going and running on a treadmill at the gym, I was at my grandfather's and I just got on the subway and came straight home and collapsed! Low energy today, and weather not at all springlike - I huddled in bed and made minor forays into horrible backlog of paperwork - but I did finally get my act together to get out the door.

1hr very slow

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Compromise "long" run

It was totally unrealistic to think I'd have it in me to do a long run today, I have just been traveling too much. Was worried about sore back, it was OK (good heating pad session last night) but glute-hamstring tendonitis thing was really sore and I have to admit I've just overloaded on everything, need to pull back where I can and NO DEADLIFTING till after my race is over, that is really what activates it so intensely. Just did the full CP loop and have rescheduled the 20-miler for Monday - gonna try and calm down and have more quiet time at home between now and then, insofar as it is possible!

just under 2hr, just over 8mi

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Nice session at the gym with the team, then jogged partway home (walked the rest once I'd done sufficient time - running long tomorrow, but also back/right hamstring/right lower calf all very tight and rather sore). Good way of doing it.

(1) DB floor press x 50 (27.5? can't remember)
(2) bench set (FAST): 10 x 3 @ 65
(3) single-arm rows: 6 x 8 @ 37.5
(4) 50 kettlebell skullcrusher
(5) 100 triceps pulldown

:45 upper body
:40 jog
:40 walk

Monday, April 3, 2017


Finally got myself back to the gym! Feeling exhausted, but it has been too long - I fell into a taxi (really it's the getting there that's been the obstacle, not the thought of the workout itself) and will continue to get there that way as needed. It has always been the one bad thing about Chelsea Piers that it's time-consuming to get to by public transit, and the weather hasn't quite reached cycling range (actually today it would have been OK).

Workout took about :40 minutes - I am only going to lift pretty light till after my endurance event is over, and no squatting I think.

Deadlift work set: 3 x 10 @ 121
Shrugs: 100 @ 27.5 (have lost all calluses and grip feels horribly weak!)
Bulgarian split squat: 3 x 6 (no weight) with 3-second pause at bottom
Back hyperextension (can't remember exact name): 30

And some stretching. I forgot how much I like lifting weights - definitelyl need either weights, yoga or both to complement running, very slow running is not in itself sufficient even if you are doing a lot of it!

Placeholder :30

An hour on the schedule, but my lungs are really tender/raw as a consequence of rather overdoing it Saturday (legs are OK, bit tight but nothing out of the ordinary) - didn't run yesterday and cut today's hour in half. Gotta be really careful with this, it will be extremely challenging if I get sick just now!

:30 very slow

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Glorious trail run!

About 13 miles total, 3:10 or so. Most beautiful weather! Hahaha, I may have slightly overdone it, I am going to be pretty sore tomorrow...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Run w ith Liz!

A brisk hour along the river (we turn around at the end of the 70th St. pier!). Beautiful day, though barely 40F - still in the lower 30s when I first looked. Only slept about 4 hrs, woke up 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep - just too much irrational anxiety about travel etc. Hopefully it all goes smoothly (and also that I get a chance to properly deal with final paragraphs of book manuscript, it's killing me that I won't have sent it before leaving!).

1hr moderate intensity

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Placeholder 30

Bad logistics, didn't get up early and run in the morning, by the time I got out in the evening it's only 12 hours from my run date tomorrow morning so instead of doing the full 70 I just did 30 easy. Head in book-finishing (got a better idea for conclusion while running), need to leave for LGA tomorrow by 10:45 or so, slight chaos mentally as a result!

:30 easy

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Scant cold wet 30!

Should have been an hour; I almost talked myself out of going out at all, the weather is really pretty dreadful and my head is 100% in book-finishing mode, but realized that there might be some other day when I will have to take a zero for reasons truly beyond my control, and today wasn't that day! Have now demonstrated to my satisfaction that my nice new blue running windbreaker, while fine in drizzle, is NOT sufficient in driving rain - I was soaked to the skin within minutes....

Gonna run tomorrow morning BEFORE I get to work on book, even if it seriously curtails morning work time. My flight Thursday leaves at 1:48pm from LGA, I need to be done with the book (I think I can take marketing questionnaire with me and finish at the conference) and to have had sufficient time and attention to pack appropriately for conferencing and a Minnesota trail run, but other obligations are relatively light....

:30 wet cold minutes!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Recovery walk!

I had a walk on the schedule yesterday but I didn't do a separate one, just usual misc. life walking. Today I did do the walk as specific (1hr+ brisk walk) - was theoretically going to Chelsea Piers to lift, only I realized my hip was sore and that I was an idiot if I went back to deadlifting during my recovery week immediately following long run and with something actually already kinda hurting in advance! (It's not something new - it's one of the manifestations of the very tight sore right lower back that when everything clenches up, the right hip then stops moving properly in the socket.) So I stopped around 42nd St., got on a crosstown bus and came home on the subway. Also in throes of finishing final Austen fixes, my head is more in the book than in the gym....

1:10 brisk walk

Saturday, March 25, 2017

20-miler DONE

And really it was better not to have to wake up super-early and get to Queens - the good thing about doing a training run in a race situation is that it completely forestalls all "Oh, that's sore, why don't I just stop now and call it a day and try again in another few days?" thinking. But really I knew I wanted to get it properly done today!

That right hamstring tendinitis thing was quite sore yesterday during my run with Liz, and unfortunately it was sore again today pretty much right from the start - it doesn't get worse, and it's not like having seized-up back or anything that really makes you question your sanity, but it's tough when even the opening couple miles of a long one are already causing you to make mild grimaces! I ran the first loop of Central Park pretty well I think (deduction is that I am slightly faster on rolling hills than on flats, in that the downhills are rather faster than average), slowed down after that as it dawned on me that hip flexors REALLY were noticing the hills. Thereafter a slog - I did the middle loop a couple times, then turned around at 72nd and ran back up the west side of the park and partway home. Stopped my Garmin the MINUTE it hit 20.00 and walked the remaining 7 or 8 blocks!

Shower, ibuprofen, food - all better now, feet still a bit sore but feel pretty normal otherwise.

20mi, 4:39 or so

Friday, March 24, 2017

Run with Liz!

OK, this day is off to a better start I think - always good to run in the morning if possible. Made a date with Liz and just had a very nice hour in Riverside Park. A student meeting at 11, but after that the day's clear for Austen revisions. This is good!

1hr easy!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Took yesterday off, just TOO TIRED. I think it's always like this after a long trip and with jet lag - fortunately things are fairly quiet (a lot of work to get done, but all the sort of thing I can do at home horizontally in bed with cats - wrote and sent promotion letter today, hoping to finish final Austen manuscript for Monday), but I still feel pretty much knackered. Too cold this morning to run (really), got out just now for a pretty nice :40 easy but everything seems slightly out of sorts. Back of right leg rather tender/sore, I think from sitting so long during travels. Also just realized that the tune-up in Queens is SUNDAY not SATURDAY, which really means I can't do it - it is the sacred Sunday breakfast (formerly Friday dinner) with G. and my brother, I have just been away for six weeks and really cannot bear the thought of missing it! It's fine, probably for the best - I'll do it Saturday in Central Park instead, on my own schedule, with less chance of the sleepless night that accompanies a very early alarm.

:40 easy

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sunday long run, Tuesday home run!

Hmmm, did I omit to write a blog post? I wrote something on Facebook, it must have left me with the mistaken impression that I'd logged here! Anyway, did get my long one done on Sunday, woo-hoo! The cycle path along the Tiber goes much further past the Ponte Milvio than I had feared, it was lovely, nice overcast wweather. Slept not a wink on Sunday night inevitably as the car to take me to the airport was due at 5:30am. Travel went fairly smoothly, I was home before 5pm, slept a long time last night and am feeling tired today but not unmanageably so. Weather very nice here too actually (though ground is covered with dirty disgusting snow), had a nice easy hour in Riverside Park....

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Was feeling rather lazy (and yes, it does go better to run first and go to yoga later - but there's pretty much only one English-language class a day or none, plus genius teacher, so I haven't had wiggle room on that here), but got myself out the door around 3:45 or so and had a very nice hour along the Tiber cycle path. Rather overcast, would be nice if it's that way again tomorrow - otherwise it's going to be a lot harder to stay hydrated for my LONG one...

1hr easy

Hot yoga!

In case I had not already realized, I have now DEFINITIVELY proved that even getting up early enough to run for an hour before 10:30 yoga does not leave me doing anything other than lounging in bed reading the news on the internet! Will have to run later. This yoga teacher is just SO GOOD - I feel really lucky to have had such a great experience yoga-wise in Rome - reminds me as always that I really do love yoga and need to make it a more consistent feature of my exercise life....

1.5hr hot yoga!

Friday, March 17, 2017


Ah, bliss - such beautiful weather (it's about to tip into being too warm, but not quite yet). 1hr easy, then 1.25hr genius slow flow yoga with Bon. Gotta have more yoga in my NYC life!

1hr run
1.25hr yoga

Thursday, March 16, 2017


I really enjoyed that. Need to keep in mind for the future the goal of making life simpler and more streamlined - getting frazzled/overscheduled, which I often do pretty much voluntarily, is the surest way of making it harder to do the things I want with full enjoyment.

1:25 total, 20:00 easy, 40:00 as 10 x (1:00 faster, 3:00 easy), 25:00 easy

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Thought I could run this morning before going out, didn't need to leave till 10:15, but I think the stress of navigating foreign city is still high enough (though much reduced - I got to where I was going pretty efficiently and without undue drama, indeed with only a tiny amount of map consultation!) that I found myself psychologically incapable of getting out the door. Had backup plan to run in Trastevere after church walks and before yoga, but it was in retrospect totally unrealistic - having been on my feet for about 3 hours at that point all I could do was sit down and try to refuel and rehydrate. Yoga was good, and I will just have to take today as a rest day from running (there was one written in for Friday) - knee a little sore, so possibly just as well.

1.25hr flow and restore yoga (plus 4 important churches - Aracoeli, the 2 big Jesuit ones and the Pantheon!)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Yesterday was rest day, which is smart because I could tell today that knees and various other bits are still a little tender from Sunday's long one. Only did :55 not the full hour, the turnaround points of preference come a little bit sooner than :30!

:55 easyish (but with hills)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Long run!

A relief to get that one done - it didn't seem impossibly long - that's good! (Just VERY SLOW!) About 3:20 total for 14mi.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Slow easy hill hour in the park. Lovely! Ended up at grocery store - note to self, shopping when hungry post-run is NOT the best idea....

1hr easy


I have now proved to my own definitive satisfaction that I CANNOT make myself get up and do the run-yoga double on an empty stomach "first thing" in the morning. Lounged in bed a little longer, went to yoga (very good - essentially same class as yesterday, nice to get another go at it!), will run later. And have just registered for Bon's classes this week, not the Tuesday-Thursday morning one, in the interest of hewing better to my run schedule and getting some last bits of museum-going done.

1.5hr hot vinyasa!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Run-yoga double!

Ah, that worked well. An hour easy running downhill and along the river, purchase of a Gatorade and a large bottle of water at the little grocery round the corner from the studio, then an excellent yoga class with Bon. I only wish I were better at yoga - I love it, and I think I understand the fundamentals reasonably well; my strength and balance are suitable; but I am woefully inflexible!

1hr easy run
1.5hr vinyasa yoga

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Hmmm, it is certainly dodgy to leave it till the end of the day, but today it worked out pretty well. Ran down the hill and did it along the river (this park nearby is so lovely but SO hilly, there is really no way to have 75 minutes easy there!).

75 minutes easy (should have had some hill intervals but I spaced out and forgot...)


I didn't do the run-yoga double after all, it just seemed too much, but yoga was great and I will run later (nothing else on the agenda so I hope it will not be a problem!). Need to do laundry - I ran out of tokens, and now all suitable exercise gear is smelly...

1.25hr power vinyasa

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Genius yoga!

This teacher is so good, and the "flow and restore" class is I think the best of all.

1.25hr yoga!

Wednesday hills!

Ugh, had to take a zero yesterday - it is clear that on days with morning tourism, it either has to be an early run beforehand (couldn't quite manage this yesterday as it was the day the housecleaning team does my room, at pretty much exactly the time I would have needed to shower) or else I am so knackered when I get home, from finding a place and looking at things and often vigorous 5K or so of walking up and down stairs and hills, that it is impossible.

But today was perfect - open morning - was up late, so slept till latish and got out in a leisurely fashion into the most glorious day in the most glorious park - it is really the best combination of running terrain and running weather that I think I have ever had!

20 minutes easy, 5 x 2:00 hills (jog down recovery), 20 easy
1:05 total

Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy short run

Nominally Monday is a rest day, but I took a zero on Friday and didn't want to take another so soon - also the short run is key for mood management! Just did :30 easy (well, aside from the hills!) at the Villa Pamphili park.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Long run!

I am really behind where I should be in training, for reasons pretty much beyond my control (this is always the way of it!). I think I'm over the hump of major anxiety - the remaining two weeks I'm here should be a bit more manageable now that I've figured out my way around. Will do 14 miles next weekend, 16 the week after and 20 when I'm back in NYC (got a good set-up for that one as there is a tuneup component to the Queens marathon, so I can do it with support and external accountability). This will be a big jump up from where I am currently.... but today's run was really pretty nice, I'm ready to start the build again.

2hr easy along the river!

Saturday, March 4, 2017


I had to take a zero on Friday, that's not good but Vatican museum visiting was too tiring! (Also about 3mi brisk walking, 1.5mi each way, c. 1hr.) But this morning has been idyllic - it is the Saturday morning I wished I had last week and was crestfallen not to! I have finally oriented myself such that I can handle the logistics of figuring out the run-yoga seamless transition. Also a gear question - they have mats at the studio, but I need to bring a towel to soak up sweat (otherwise hands are way too slippery!) - foolishly did not bring little running backpack with me to Italy, but turns out the folded towel hangs easily and comfortably over my small waist belt. ANYWAY...

70 minutes run along the river
1.5hr hot vinyasa with Bon, who is a yoga-teaching genius

Also had the most delicious Gatorade in the history of the brand - blood orange flavor! And have identified the shop where I can buy sport drink and water if I want to do the back-to-back run-yoga combo. All is good! And this afternoon after lunch I have a plan to visit the Keats-Shelley museum with one of the other fellows - having a companion takes a lot of pressure off of navigation, even if I am in charge of the route it is not as stressful getting lost with company as solo!

Thursday, March 2, 2017


And yes, I know running is more important than yoga given my upcoming race, and I should do it FIRST in the day, but I didn't have the wherewithal to get up early enough and deal with logistics of here-to-there, so it had to be this way round today (there's usually onlyl one English-language yoga per day, so no flexibility there re: class timing). Legs rather sore from yesterday's run, it was obviously at a faster pace than usual, but once I was about ten minutes in I was happy to be out there, albeit at "trudge" pace.

1hr "easy"


Very nice too - I feel like I am finally settling in to a little bit more of a routine/system. Plotting to have next week ENTIRELY for "home" things (running, yoga, Gibbon) - doing Vatican museums tomorrow and Keats-Shelley museum Saturday, that only leaves a couple essentials remaining....

1.25hr power vinyasa

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Even better, it was a run with the Black Knight! Stefano has been my friend online for many years, and it was a great pleasure to get to run with him in person - he drove in from Civitavecchia, where he lives, and we had a run in the park, now will go and do interesting tourism.

:50 with 6 x 1:00 hill intervals

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Felt as if I might finally be settling in as I (a) walked a very direct route to yoga without a map and without getting lost (b) established that I had a valid membership and a reservation for class and (c) locked up my stuff in a locker with the adorable tiny lock I bought last week. Then felt less capable as it emerged that though it's an English-language class, the teacher was often speaking mostly Italian - there were a couple newbies who didn't speak English, and I suspect it was her discretionary call that it would be more important for her to make sure those were following everything than that I was! (I must speak less Italian than anyone else in the room, but on the other hand I have done a lot of yoga classes over the years....)

Anyway, it is unfortunate that Tuesday and Thursday are the days I can do yoga this week, this teacher isn't as well suited to my preferences as the other one (whose class I am hoping to go to on Saturday, but I have conflicts for the Wed. and Fri. ones), but it is still good - yoga and running are as always a very good combination/complement.

1.25hr power vinyasa

Monday, February 27, 2017


OK, a really nice one. I have a quiet day today and tomorrow, that's good - then an adventure with a friend from bygone endurance sport blog days on Wednesday, and a Vatican Museums marathon Friday - but all the other days will be to my own specifications, i.e. running/yoga/Gibbon. Need to make a plan of attack for life re-entry on March 20 - my final Austen draft is due the week following, and I'm currently intending to do it all once I'm home, but there are a couple other work things I will need to do that week as well and it might behoove me (if I can bear to put Gibbon aside) to do what I can here without books....

1hr very nice in the hilly park

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Yesterday was just one of those anxiety-disorder disasters (not really - once I GOT to the museum I had a really lovely visit there, got home OK and had a nice local dinner with Kindle), but I finally got a good night of sleep and felt much better when I woke up this morning. Decided that breakfast and a supermarket trip were more important than running right away (no meals at the Academy on Sundays - during the week I really don't need provisions, but it's a long time from Saturday lunch to things opening back up again on Monday), this was the right choice, felt slightly less overwhelmed by my environment. And then indulged myself (lungs are still dodgy, but also I needed the comfort of "flat out and back along water" which is my preferred default run mode) by running down the hill to the river and then doing the rest of the time as out and back up past the Vatican. Finished up back at Ponte Sisto, had a small snack at the bottom of the hill in Trastevere then clambered up hills and stairs home off the clock. It was good - will do proper long runs in coming weeks on the park trails, which are much more like my event's terrain, but this was immensely soothing and I feel much more myself!

90 minutes easy

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Frustrating Saturday

Ugh, just a bit homesick I think! Have had horrible sleep all week - gave in and took a tablet on Thursday night, since I had to be up 7:45ish to get to the Friday morning "walk and talk" and just couldn't face another night of being awake, but that then leads to "rebound insomnia" the following night, which means I feel like I hardly got any sleep at all (really obviously I was asleep some of the time, but so shallowly that it feels like you're awake).

Had my heart set on yoga (10:30 with the genius teacher), but had not understood the nature of the booking system (this is really not my fault, the lady I paid for membership might have said something to me - it's not specified online, my type of membership can't book online and you effectively I think need to make a phone call). So I sat waiting to see if a spot would open up, and it didn't, and I walked home in a low-blood-sugar haze of distress. Got a small muffin at the bar downstairs and went out for short run, which also felt awful. Gonna do the long one tomorrow (and have booked yoga for the coming week, hopefully that works OK - my confidence in the whole system is now slightly shot!).

Have a museum date later which is probably just as well as the only thing I really want to do is "ostrich" - hide under the covers in bed!

:37 easy

Friday, February 24, 2017


It is really a mistake to leave it so late in the day, though today it was unavoidable (given that I haven't been sleeping easily or well, anyway) - had to leave here about 8:20 to get to our 9am "walk and talk" museum visit (pretty brisk half-hour walk each way), lunch at 1pm, rare book session at the library at 2:30 (it was great). By the time I was back in my room I was feeling pretty much just DONE, only - as David would say - those 50 miles at Rock the Ridge are not going to run themselves! I'd asked for long run day to be Friday, but this was before I knew that the Academy trips would be so heavily scheduled for Fridays also, so I think it's fair enough to move it around. I set out just do the the shortest one of the next three days (written in for Sunday as 20 easy, 6 x :30 hill, 20 easy), but really once I was doing the short hill intervals I felt as though I could manage a full hour. So call it an hour with intervals and hills, will do the short one tomorrow morning first thing and then go to 10:30 yoga with the genius teacher (4pm museum date at the Capitoline), Sunday do the 90-minute one on a day when I have nothing else on the agenda (other than the perennial GIBBON!). OK, that is all too complicated, I need to shower and get some refreshments!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wednesday was a day off from running, but I went to the most GLORIOUS yoga class! (Not sure what happened to the post on that, had thought I'd written it up but perhaps just in my training spreadsheet.) Brilliant teacher: a mix of flow and restorative that was quite unusual and pure genius, REALLY made the body feel different.

Today I didn't get out for my run till late afternoon, foolishly as I am sure it would have made me feel better if I'd done it sooner (one of those days where you wonder if you forgot to have caffeine in the morning as you just feel chilly/sleepy/headachy/minor stomachhache - didn't sleep well either). Really nice to be out there. Also, I saw what I have not in the morning - PARROTS in the mark!

Logistics of next couple days complicated re: museums, mealtimes, running, yoga but hopefully I will not be too frazzled!

1hr easy

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Slept very badly last night, antibiotics giving me a bit of a stomach-ache (just took last pill) and lungs still with a bit of tenderness, but feel energy levels are finally back to normal, that's a relief! Very nice :50 easy in the park, had a bit of breakfast and found my EXTREMELY ROUNDABOUT way (the walk home was about half the length) to the English-language yoga class in Trastevere. It was fairly strenuous but very much the sort of class I do in Cayman (I was underhydrated, would have paid any amount of money for a bottle of water). Finding a good nearby local studio is probably the last piece of the puzzle to feel more at home here (though I am still full of trepidation about taking buses, and we are in day 5 of a taxi strike! Hoping to get an Uber car to Villa Borghese later this afternoon, but will have to leave plenty of time in case that is not realistic!).

:50 easy run
1.25hr power vinyasa

Monday, February 20, 2017


:45 easy. So happy! The weather is utterly gorgeous - high forties, sunny, very mild....

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Back at it!

Oh dear, that was the longest spell off running that I've had for quite a while - I was feeling sick enough that I didn't even miss it, honestly (and have been walking a lot regardless, so not having true exercise/fresh-air deprivation - prob 6-8K a day minimum, so really that's respectable!). Saw the doctor Tuesday, got antibiotics and steroids for tender lungs, mostly better now though still rather raw/tender as I jogged up hills, so I'll continue to be very cautious. This park near me is extraordinarily beautiful, and the weather is perfect: en route home, stopped at the little local bar for a small mozzarella and prosciutto sandwich, cappuccino and sparkling water, wondering why everything seemed so terribly confusing when I first got here and now feels quite manageable!

David has written me a very sensible schedule for the week, with short runs and a tactical full rest day - this is good. Hoping to get to a yoga class soon too, maybe tomorrow?

:40 easy

Saturday, February 11, 2017


About :40 (a little more) and some walking to and fro. Lungs gradually on the mend, but I'm feeling pretty woozy and can't figure out if it's illness, jet lag or exercise deprivation - not really I think the latter as I still feel a bit light-headed.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Short run

Ah, I'm sick! It is not surprising, convergence of travel and long run buildup and book-finishing....

Anyway yesterday morning felt a little better but walking around still made my lungs hurt, and I was clearly still not at all right, so I took the day off from exercise. I was determined to get out today for something at least, walked to the park (confusedly - still getting my bearings - but it is an amazing park, I could not do better!) and did about :40 easy, then stopped and found my way home, so about :45 additional walking. Hopefully it will come clearer in my mind as I spend more time here. Did also find the viewing spot at top of Gianicolo hill, which seems to have a gelato stand - may try and get there later in the afternoon for a treat? Gonna try and get in a daily yoga habit too. The weather is beautiful - mid-50s and actually pretty sunny and springlike today.

:40 easy, and will do just this until I am feeling better, long run can wait till Mon. or Tues. if necessary.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Short run to find my feet

Ugh, my lungs are NOT good, and jet lag manifests itself as random periods of queasiness - but I made it here in one piece, had nice dinner with other fellows yesterday and got a great tip about the best nearby running option. That made it easy to get out this morning and have a really nice exploratory 40 minutes easy (lungs felt pretty awful, but happy running chemicals come along and make a bit better, then afterwards I felt really sick again - but lunch as helped). (This is jet lag!) I gather the paths in the park are such that you can even do about 7 miles without covering much of the same ground, so this should serve me well.

:40 easy

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Short wheezy one

Ugh, lungs in bad shape last night (very wheezy), not right this morning either, so I just did :30 easy rather than the full hour. Flying overnight tonight, with brief layover in England en route to Rome (don't ask, I should have got a direct flight obviously!), so the reality is I'm missing most of a night of sleep.

:30 easy

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tough long run

Had to wait till early afternoon before temperatures were OK, headed out around 12:45, could tell right away that back was tight/sore and only getting worse, ugh - was in enough pain after first loop that for second loop I power-walked uphills (it gives a bit of relief for back so that jogging the flats and downhills is more tolerable). Piriformis almost jangling, it was so tight by the end! Still, important to get it done, and I will walk as much as I need to in the actual event as well, so it is what it is....

14mi., c. 3:20 (yes, I am running THAT slowly)

Friday, February 3, 2017


Actually I am in a good mood, all things considered (despite various wranglings at the pharmacy just now re: vacation override and prescriptions for Rome - but the 2 guys on duty were very helpful and the situation is resolved to our joint satisfaction though with more dollars spent than would have been the case if I had stopped in this morning to check on how things were going, not worth going into the details as they are at once tedious and highly arcane but if you are USian you understand that this will often be the case surrounding prescription coverage!), but - impending sinus infection threw things off today. I couldn't run in the morning outside at home because it was 27F (doc says don't exercise outside below freezing, I will bend that to 29/30 which is where I detect a substantive difference but have learned not to push it farther, even if I weren't getting sick). But had noon session with Josh (more to talk before I go than because I really needed a workout!) and 2pm PT. Meant to run immediately following session, but had been up some overnight with sore throat and last bits of aerobic stuff we did made me feel woozy rather than energized, so I ate and regrouped and figured I'd reassess after PT. Unfortunately it still seemed to me that body did not need additional stress, especially given that it's the long run tomorrow that's the important one (and I still needed to go downtown for dinner with G.). Just hoping I don't feel awful when I wake up tomorrow!!! Anyway:

1hr upper body: some heavy board press, 3 x 3 I think at 115, then some singles at 125, that felt good! Some dumbbell floor press with light weights for max reps (3 x :30 @ 17.5), ditto incline rows (4 x :30 @ 17.5, could really go one heavier for that). Triceps extension with band, maybe one other thing.

My back is feeling great BTW - was a low on Wednesday, but PT Wednesday helped a lot, did exercises properly yesterday, haven't been much at computer - all good.

Retiring to bed shortly with Kindle to sleep for as long as possible and hope that immune system will rally!

Thursday, February 2, 2017


I've basically just not been squatting at all with a bar, I figure when I'm lifting irregularly I might as well not worry about it for a while. Got there early and did about half of back exercises, skipped the final abs set and finished back exercises in the rest of the hour (there are abs components in there too). About 1.25hr total.

(1) med ball slams (6 x 3)
(2) squat set (I did goblet squats with 32.5lb): 5 x 8
(3) Bulgarian split squats: 3 x 8 (I didn't use any weight)

Wed/Thurs runs

Hmmm, I must have forgotten to log yesterday's at the time.

Tuesday was a legitimate day off, hadn't intended it but found myself in home stretch on the book and realized I should cancel EVERYTHING till it was sent! Texted Josh to say I wouldn't get downtown to lift, was still hoping to run but it was about 6:30 by the time I sent it to my editor and I was utterly knackered. Ordered pizza and took Kindle to bed.

Yesterday's was decent but felt a good deal of soreness in piriformis/lower back. 90 minutes with 10 x (1:00 faster, 2:00 easy).

Today was glorious - beautiful day, really weather yesterday and today is ideal (40 and sunny, less wind today than yesterday). So lucky re: climate and daily run route along the water! 1hr easy.

Monday, January 30, 2017


40 minutes only, travel day - that is optimal length for me here. Tomorrow and Wednesday for max book-finishing I hope!

Sunday, January 29, 2017


90 minutes early and easy. A lot of people already out for the Stride against Cancer event - I am not so sociable in the early morning that I really enjoy wishing so many people a good morning. Going home tomorrow - will miss Brent, but will not miss early rising, and the thought of only doing 40 minutes tomorrow is pretty manageable, I don't really have to be out the door till 6:15 (today it was 5:15)....

1.5hr easy