Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday run

That was good - actually it was arduous and wintry, both Liz and I were tempted to stop, but that is the good thing about doing it with a friend, you really can't just stop!

I have annoyingly misplaced my HR monitor strap - either it is somewhere mysterious in my apartment, or else I accidentally left it at the gym. Will check in the lost and found at Chelsea Piers on Monday; it is going to be annoying and expensive if I have to replace it, I fear...

7.57mi., 1:22:48, avg pace 10:56/mi.

It is more mental than physical, but I couldn't face running up the 2 big hills, we walked 'em; everything just felt hard. (My throat is still slightly sore, and legs were stiff and huffing and puffing systems under strain.) Very good to get it done, though.

Next week we'll do 90 mins. easy, including perhaps still walking those couple biggest hills, and then the following week we'll do 90 mins. with no walking.

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Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

My marathon training schedule is kind of random, so really I pulled ten miles out of the air for the weekend I'm in town. I'm fine with doing less! It's a rest week, so it doesn't really matter! And I vote for flat :-)