Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday morning update

Well, the eyes are much better this morning - those drops are fairly miraculous. There's still clearly something wrong, but you wouldn't look like an utter pariah if you walked down the street without sunglasses!

My lungs are still just full of junk, whenever I get this sort of chest cold it tends to linger. Lots of congestion in head, and voice still mostly missing! My current plan is to steel myself and say right now that I won't exercise until Friday. On Friday I'll do a trial bike-run (1hr bike, .5hr run) and see whether it has any adverse consequences for lungs. Then on Saturday or Sunday I'll do that five-hour workout (1hr swim, 2hr bike, 2hr run), curtailing the run if I am having any difficulties.

I am now into the part of the taper where you're (barring that one long weekend workout one week out from the race) just supposed to be doing half-hour swims and runs to sharpen things up and 1hr bikes to keep the legs moving, so though I really will prefer to hit that one long workout this coming weekend, I think it will be prudent not to worry about what I miss between now and then.


carlsincharge said...

I'm so glad your eyeballs are on the mend! My heart definitely hurt for you when I read the first report. All the fitness you take with you to race day is done, so if this weekend's workout doesn't go as planned, don't get discouraged. You just get to CDA healthy! Once I know your bib number, I hope you don't mind me telling it to my family and friends so you have more people cheering for you on race day!

Jenny Davidson said...

Thanks! Yes, will love to have any extra cheerers!

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Don't overdo it! I can't believe the race is coming up so soon!