Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Ugh, slept hardly at all and very fitfully, but had to get up early to get crucial work done before 11am boot camp.  Really just felt pretty terrible, all minor things were all wrong (stiff calves, sore back, blisters on heels from sockless running Monday, etc. etc., plus general emotional fragility from sleeplessness), but Gerald kindly modified the day's work in a suitable direction, and it was a worthwhile and not excessive workout.  About to go back to bed for an additional hour or two so that I can regroup for next session of book work - I'm flying out very early Friday morning and need to send it before I leave...

1hr boot camp

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Becca said...

Whatever made you run sockless?? No!! Hope everything improves rapidly. Well, really hope you get the revision done so that everything can improve rapidly.