Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The picture of abjection

Oh dear - the final weeks of 2009 are proving much more difficult than anticipated! On Saturday evening, I went down to Philadelphia for a family emergency whose practical difficulties were significantly exacerbated by the TWO FEET OF SNOW that fell that day. No chance to exercise.

I got home last night and turned up at St. Luke's Hospital this morning at 10 for the removal of a probable lipoma.

In the doctor's office two weeks ago, I had greeted with dismay the notion that I wouldn't be able to swim for a minimum of a week, but figured that at least I could do the other triathlon stuff. In the recovery room around 2, I waited impatiently for the nurse to unwrap the huge amount of gauze wrapped round my head - only to learn that I was expected to keep it all on for the next week! She pretty much laughed in my face when I asked about exercise, and told me that I could ask the doctor when I saw him on the 30th but that in the meantime I should not do anything at all.

(Why didn't someone tell me I was going to be bundled up like a mummy?!? I was picturing a square bandage about the size of a Kit-Kat! I am going to call the doctor's office again tomorrow morning and double-check that I really and truly need to stay mummified for a full week - it seems implausibly awful, it might be that the nurse misunderstood...)

Anyway, here is the picture of abjection - Triaspirational will be going dark until 2010, but I will set an optimistic goal of being able to write on Jan. 1 that I have just had a swim in the sea.


Anonymous said...
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Renee said...

Oh no! I had a yicky one on my back that I had to have removed but nothing like the wrappings you have! So sorry!

Majo said...

So sorry! Nurses and doctors never really tell you about how you can't exercise. They must assume nobody does.

Good luck staying sane until you get the green light. Will think of you in my runs.

Leah said...

You can get a swim cap over that, right? ;)

I can't see why you wouldn't be able to run or ride, after a few days once the incision heals a bit. I just had something removed from my leg and was able to exercise after a couple of days. My incision may have been smaller though. Just six stitches.

Anyway, enjoy the break regardless. Happy holidays!

Becca said...

That is an exceedingly sad picture.

Wendy said...

Bike helmet should fit ... no?

You could wear a balaclava venturing out in public.

(Did I ever tell you about the time the ophthalmic plastics guy fixed my lower eyelid, and put some Very Long Stitches in to keep it in the Up Position? He anchored them with clear tape over my eyebrow. That made for some very interesting looks from strangers. Also a very strange field of vision.)

Brent Buckner said...

I believe an appropriate phrase is:
"Sad Panda"

Yes, weather permitting, in the sea on New Year's Day!

Spokane Al said...

Definitely not you best look, however it is always good to see that you are still kicking.

Have faith sister, you will be back stronger and faster than ever in no time. And in the big scheme of things, this is just a minor speed bump.

Anonymous said...

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