Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday run

All is now right again in the Triaspirational world, thank goodness - I had a lovely run just now, very good for the morale. A week's layoff from exercise persuades me, against all reason, that I will have lost every scrap of fitness the next time I try and do anything, and will have to start absolutely from scratch! Fortunately this is not the case.

I finally tracked down the surgeon and extracted a message that the full mummy head only needed to stay on for three days (with proviso that it remains a priority to keep the incision clean and dry), so I was very relieved to be able to remove it on Friday morning before going down to Philadelphia for Xmas.

I had hoped to run yesterday, but a combination of factors persuaded me it was not wise - I felt quite fatigued (have been battling some sort of low-level virus all week, I think, though it has not quite erupted into actual cold symptoms), and also it was lethally rainy. Like, DELUGE! I could not tell whether I was listening to my body or just listening to my LAZINESS, but I decided to leave it one more day.

I was right to wait, because it is the most beautifully sunny clear day - fifty degrees, believe it or not - and I had an absolutely gorgeous easy nine-mile run just now along the west side.

I have a lot of stuff to pack into the next three days:

- 60 final papers to read for my lecture class, and grades to submit - however, (a) I'm not writing comments on them and (b) I am counting on them being without exception wonderfully stimulating and interesting, so that is not too bad
- 2 more letters of recommendation to write and submit, 3 more to tweak already-drafted versions of and submit
- 2 doctor's appointments of miscellaneity
- 1 parental meal and trip to the Philharmonic
- 1 trip to post office to mail sundry belated holiday trinkets
- 1 training session at the Guggenheim for "This Progress"
- 1 iPod library to reconstruct by seeing if I can use software to transfer data from iPod Touch to computer - not sure about whether my skill set is really up to this, but will make a stab at it, as it is giving me low-level panic to have only existing version of library exclusively on the device itself...
- 1 author's note to write for forthcoming novel
- miscellaneous personal paperwork
- 1 long-overdue essay on Shakespeare adaptation in the eighteenth century to write and submit

I am leaving very early on the morning of the 31st for an idyll in tropical island paradise - in a worst-case scenario, I can bring a draft of the Shakespeare essay with me and finish it there, but it would be awfully nice to send it before I go. If I can do so, I am then in the enviable position of being ON SABBATICAL with nearly infinite amounts of time to spend exercising and a single brand-spanking-new shiny-shiny as-yet-unsullied book project that will involve delightful reading and thinking and drafting all in the lovely hack-out-new-bits-in-virgin-territory land of work, not the all-the-interesting-parts-are-done-but-I-am-still-only-60%-there land which is where one spends most of one's writing time...

9 miles easy


Becca said...

I got my run in just before the rain yesterday, and it was actually quite damply lovely, though there is no way I would have gone if I had waited, truly torrential. Today was perfect, weatherwise, but yesterday was better runwise. And because the world revolves around me, I am seeing right through your public evasion strategem, and I'm just telling you now, it's not going to work!

Majo said...

I disagree with Becca. Today was greatfor a run. I did a seven-miler across two bridges and it was delightful.

Jenny, so glad you're back!

Jenny Davidson said...

I forgot, I never wrote it into my book - but yes, Becca, I am also having a drink with you on Monday night!

Majo - YES!

Wendy said...

Here today was a better day for a run. (So of course I swam.)

Glad you had a good one!