Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have some more serious ones, about which I may not choose to write much here!

(Like - seriously restrict internet time to combat time-wasting and more importantly insomnia...)

But this is the first year I've electronically logged workout data in a format where I can look at an easy year-end summary, and I think there are some very clear conclusions to be drawn (the numbers are pasted in from the sidebar - I have conflated biking and spinning, since I only started logging the latter separately this past week and am not sure it makes sense for now):

Workouts and total distances for 2009:

128 x run (814.43 Mi)
62 x bike (1231.35 Mi)
130 x swim (222609 Yd)
32 x strength (26:41:00)
12 x stretch (11:40:00)

Running and swimming are surprisingly evenly balanced in terms of frequency, and in fact the situation on that front can be summarized by noting that I strongly enjoy doing each of those activities at least three times a week whenever possible. I'd like to do more of each, but to some extent this is beyond my control (there are weeks of the year where for one reason or another it is genuinely difficult to maintain a regular exercise schedule), and I think they are both in a pretty steady train with some significant improvement happening this year as far as swimming went (lots more distance swimming, including races; introduction of flip turns for all pool freestyle; much improved butterfly).

So I will set baseline mileage goals for 2010 that should be meetable, since I am hoping it will be a very good year for exercise (I am on sabbatical and I am training for an Ironman!): 1000 miles run, 250,000 yards swim.

Nice round numbers!

I will do rather more than that if it is possible, especially as far as swimming goes, but I think that my modest Ironman goal time plus dislike for treadmill running (I will be Cayman-based for a significant chunk of the year) plus desire not to injure myself means that I shouldn't imagine I would do a ton of running this calendar year.

(But I am thinking I will make running a priority in 2011!)

The bike distance is woefully short in comparison to the other two triathlon disciplines, and in fact my outdoor bike miles will probably continue to be relatively meager in the coming year, but I am going to do a TON of Spinervals in 2010 and incentivize it by continuing to log road and spin miles, though perhaps I will keep the two categories segregated. In the year of my first Ironman, as Spokane Al might say, it is all about the bike!

It is also all about consistency on strength and stretch, though. I haven't categorized systematically on this count (is Pilates strength or stretch?!?), but I hereby set a goal of two times per week minimum (let's say I'm shooting for an annual total of 100) of either strength training or yoga, with emphasis on the first in the early part of the season and the second as I build training volume from May onwards.

There, that is a start...


Rainmaker said...

Don't you love the fact that you can say you swam a quarter of a million yards? Kinda whacky!

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