Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday swim

Left it till the last minute to head over to the Columbia pool, which seems to have reverted to a state of nature, with no distinction between slow, medium or fast lanes. Though my swim was short, however, it was neither nasty nor brutish: I felt great as soon as I felt the cool water on my skin (I have been much too hot and humidified all day). Only had 35 minutes before the pool closed, but it was well worth it.

c. 1200 misc. (mostly freestyle, but breaststroke as needed so as not to mow down mystifyingly wayward swimmers)

I think I will go to TNYA practice tomorrow at 6 - it is much too long since I last went! And will hope to ride in the middle of the day, but perhaps not if there are thunderstorms.


Wendy said...

I'm glad the state of nature was workable!

Danielle said...

As a slow person, I hate it when the lanes mingle! What's wrong with people!