Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday swim practice

I am in an absurdly good mood today, it is unusual! Fantastically enjoyable TNYA practice this evening - I don't know why I've gone so infrequently, I really love it - I think I'll try and go to all the Tuesday evening practices before I leave town at the end of the month, and perhaps one or two of the Saturday ones too...

We did not do the workout exactly on these intervals, and there were minor lane arrangement glitches here and there, but this was what was assigned - let me see if I can actually remember the intervals:

truncated warmup of 200 (100 free, 100 fly drill)

4 x 200 free on 3:45 (we did them on 4:00 - general lane consensus that it is a nice round number, and no single fast swimmer to insist on the tighter cut-off!)

3 x (4 x 75)

first set as kick-drill-swim in IM order on 2:05
second set as freestyle pull on 1:30
third set as kick-drill-swim freestyle on 1:50

1 [no time for 2, which faster lanes were doing] x 200 sprint on 3:30, 1 minute rest, 100 sprint on 1:45

(I did not get a real time for the 200, as I found myself on someone's toes and had to turn around mid-lane to get off them, but I am pleased to say that I made the 1:45 for the final sprint - that's not bad for me)

50 easy back active recovery

Short workout, though - really I should have stayed in for another half-hour!

2200 yards total

I think I will try and do a set sometime on my own in the next week or two that will be 10 x 100 on a lot of rest (2:30?), but trying to hold 1:45-1:47 - I don't do enough of that sort of hard-effort swimming with lots of rest between...

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Wendy said...

And the hard effort stuff can also make you faster!