Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Not a proper brick, as I had about fifteen minutes' break in between, but I rode down to Chelsea Piers and went to a very good midday spin class, then out for 45 minutes of running with Lauren.

10 miles bike
1hr. spin
4.5 miles

It was right that I took Monday off, but yesterday I really would have liked to swim, only the terrible weather put me off the notion of getting down to Chelsea Piers (and the Columbia gym is closed this week). Now I haven't swum for ages and I am doing a huge triathlon on Saturday! However I should be able to swim tomorrow and Friday - will think about what else to do (don't want to overdo it and suffer on Saturday, but on the other hand I seem to have missed quite a few training days in the last week, which isn't any good either!).

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Danielle said...

break for your arms. They'll be well rested for your race!