Monday, May 10, 2010

Rest day

Today has turned into a rest day - I am making a judgment about the effects on my body of the training I did on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and thinking that a day to absorb it will be better than a day to add to it - also, feet still very tender!

Instead I have been having an awesome exchange of emails with one of the organizers of the I.T.T. on Sunday. I have a definite ride there, but no guaranteed ride back, so I was just checking in about transportation and also as to whether I'd need a one-day USA Cycling license (yes).

(That is good, as it has been one of my goals to do a real licensed cycling event!)

I have spent some time thinking about this ride and about the fact that I am quite likely to be the last finisher. This is not self-criticism, it is the honest fact that I think it a strong possibility - there are only 45 riders registered, and only 7 of those are women - and I am confident that many are very strong cyclists. It will be an interesting day - I'm really looking forward to it, actually (but it will be more tolerable if I can get the foot problem sorted out by then!).

The words that struck awe into my heart:
The course is all right hand turns, so quite safe.

It is VERY HILLY. Finishing will be very difficult. If you do finish, your ironman will be a piece of cake. If you don't please do not despair; it's a uniquely hard challenge.

Good luck!
I sent a frantic question back about time limits - I think I can finish as long as I'm not going to get pulled from the course - and got this very lovely answer (I am quoting without permission, but since it shows the race organizers in such a happy light, I feel certain that's OK!):
Well, 16 mph average would take 7 hours to cover 112 miles. With an 8:30 am start, that's 3:30 pm.

14 mph would take 8 hours.

The volunteers are quite enthusiastic, and will likely stay until all are in. The police should be on the course until 3 pm.

Don't worry; the du raced dawn to dusk in the autumn. We'll have daylight until 8 pm.


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Wendy said...

A rest day is definitely in order!

Glad the race organizers are so supportive! It will be a day to remember.