Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Third time a charm?

I woke up to a cold and rainy morning, but as I was very set on a foot-testing ride, there was no way to talk myself out of it - there was no getting round the fact that the temperature was only 45 degrees, but I persuaded myself that what I could see out the window was merely fog and a light drizzle!

One mile into my ride, my socks were already sopping wet and my feet were freezing, so though I would describe it as a surprisingly enjoyable ride under the circumstances (the park was virtually deserted, I love it, I will definitely take cold and wet and elbow-room over congested any day!), I couldn't do the long one I wanted to. I cut it short after 4 laps, which is not really long enough to test the new pedals and cleat position vis-a-vis foot pain - but my feet were so cold and wet that I was not really sure I was going to be able to feel them anyway! Rest of body only slightly too chilly, but hands and feet really pretty painful - showering afterwards had me yelping, in that way where hot water feels like freezing water on a really cold patch of skin.

As I say, it was a good ride, and I am very sure that the pedals and cleat move will have significantly helped matters. My feet felt pretty good (barring the aforementioned issues!), and I definitely feel like I'm now applying the pressure on a much larger tract of foot and more importantly on a more appropriate part of the foot.

At this point, I'm under enough of a time crunch that I think I just have to do the ride on Sunday with these pedals and shoes and hope for the best. If it's a disaster, foot-wise, then I will buy a new pair of shoes early next week, break them in on a couple medium-length mid-week rides and try them out in the Harryman Half the following weekend.

No usable Garmin numbers - cold fingers must have turned it off instead of pressing lap button!

26 cold and wet but surprisingly enjoyable miles


Wendy said...

Well, you certainly gave it a go in spite of the weather!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Good for you for getting out there and riding on a cold, wet day! I think I would have stayed inside in my warm blankets...ha ha!

ShirleyPerly said...

Just catching up with you and your foot problems when biking. I have moved my cleat positions a couple times which seemed to help me with some foot discomfort I used to get (a burning feeling I'd get in my toes, particularly my left foot), esp. when biking long distances in to a strong headwind which required constant pressure on the pedals. Hope you are on your way to solving yours!