Monday, June 18, 2018

Monday back-at-it

OK, things have kind of been all over the place, but a big revelation Friday at PT about cause of ongoing R lower back soreness and hip pain - it is the position I read in lying down, something I do for many hours every day! - which doesn't solve anything as such (not least because even if I keep correct posture while awake, as soon as I am sleeping I am twisting and turning - went to bed yesterday evening with pillow between legs to keep spine in neutral and almost normal-feeling back after day in NJ with no exercise and no reading in bed, woke up 2am with very achy tight lower back and sore hip...) but gives me a clearer set of things to work on. PT introduced the notion of the "pelvic clock" (nomenclature!) and we discovered that at 3 and 6 o'clock I am immediately experiencing very tight sore right lower back....

(I spent all day Saturday just concentrating on keeping posture exactly right - and when I went out for 30 easy as 1:1 just before dusk, NOTHING HURT AT ALL! It was a minor miracle! And gives me confidence that I will some months from now be back running not all but most days of the week.)

ANYWAY in the meantime I have adjusted seat height on commuter bike and acquired a cushioned saddle cover for comfort. Rode down to Chelsea Piers (headwind, but nice breeze off the water), did 75 minutes restorative yoga and 20 minutes of PT exercises on the sunny pool deck, ate a sandwich, rode home (it is now insanely hot!). I feel like I can now be functionally back at it.

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