Saturday, February 16, 2008

A book a day...

A nice article at the Times about Wings of America, a team and training program for American Indians on reservations all over the country.

Narrowly averted a minor meltdown this morning--I lost some work on a document out of an unfortunate convergence of factors, but mostly my own carelessness and haste. Full of self-reproach, but mostly just for working last night when I was clearly too tired and for not setting up this new computer and evil new incarnation of Word very thoroughly! Wasted too much time trying to recover the lost version, but felt much better once I gave up and just started doing the work over again.

Also, a funny morale lift this afternoon--a brief rendezvous with my old student Wei, whose marathon report I posted some time ago at my other blog (scroll down). He wanted to give me a tape about the Pose Method of running--but he also cheered me up by buying me a slice of pizza and telling me very solemnly, with the equivalent of a wink, that the first semester of his PhD program in history has finally taught him how to read very quickly, in fact a book a day--by skipping most of it and just reading the first sentence of every paragraph!

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Danielle in Iowa said...

So does that mean you really only have to write the first sentence of every paragraph of your book? That might save time!