Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday gym workout

Hmmm, surprisingly blissful gym workout with M.

It is three weeks now since I last worked out properly gym-style (he's been out of town, but in fact I was sick one Monday and then out of town the next so it might have been a problem scheduling anyway), I like it when I do it but I find that when I do not have actual appointments I let it slide. I was afraid I might have lost all my muscles--but I did manage to eke out 3 x 15 pushups with evil kick-backs, among other things... Very enjoyable.

I am stymied schedule-wise, I would like a stint of six or eight weeks where I would do three times a week serious gym workout and eat super-healthily and work on body composition, but it is incompatible with triathlon training right now! And it was incompatible with work and life in December and January which was when I was imagining I might have something like that.

I grudgingly admit that one has to make choices...triathlon is of course more exciting... but I am going to do my damnedest also this spring to see if I can't become a slightly faster runner in spite of the pressing need to make things happen on the bike!

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Wendy said...

It's odd that it seems somehow unfair that we just can't do it all, isn't it??