Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday swim

Hmmm, it has not been a very triaspirational couple weeks, but I get the impression from the other triathlon blogs I read that a lot of people find February a very difficult month as far as training goes! I am just going to have to be patient--and now I'm coming down with a mild lung ailment of some sort, so it will be wise to take it a little easier than I might be tempted to...

A good swim last night. Not sure these are the exact details, I was kind of confused at various points as to exactly where we were or what we were doing (and I didn't for instance have a pull buoy, so on those lengths I was just doing swim-no-kick), but it was along these lines.

Warmup: 250 or so

6 x 100 free, 25 kick 25 pull 50 swim

25 fly 50 back 75 breast 100 drill 200 free
100 drill 75 breast 50 back 25 fly

(something like that anyway!)

3 x 100 25 no breath 75 swim

And a bit of swim down, including a couple more lengths of other strokes. Very pleasant indeed...

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Wendy said...

That's how I pull - I just drag my feet behind me!