Friday, February 29, 2008

Laid low!

The lung ailment has laid me low this week, it is awful! I desperately miss training, and I am very tired of feeling sick--but just as of the last hour or so, I feel as though I can vaguely imagine that it might be appropriate to have a short run and/or swim tomorrow, I took some cough syrup and it actually seems to have cleared things up a bit, so that is very good...

I have missed being Triaspirational as well as lower-case triaspirational, so I thought it might be a good evening to post some of those photos from my usual Riverside run--took 'em a couple weeks ago.
The view from Riverside Drive
South along the avenue (at this time of year, it's not so beautiful, but in the summer when it's all leafy and green I feel as I run here--and at several other points on the regular run also--that if I just kind of blur my eyes a little bit and concentrate that it might be like a young-adult fantasy novel where I could actually run straight into another universe...)
The lower park - along the Hudson
New Jersey!
Under construction (here is a description from one of the very first times I went running in the park a year and a half ago, having not really properly run outside for many a year--I ignored the detour sign and found myself in fear of death!)
Pretty nice, eh?!?
The 79th St. Boat Basin
Vaguely Hitchcockian birds
Manmade landscapes... (facing south to the sanitation pier at 59th St.)
I can go no further...
Dog run!


Wendy said...

Wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed the Notional Run with you!

Laura said...

Love that we do (at least partially) the same run, though I tend to start a bit lower and then go further down to Battery Park. Next time I do that run I'll try to remember my camera so we can get the path fully documented :)

Do you stop to take pictures? Or does it work to take them while running? (Clearly I am a poor photographer)