Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last Ottawa run

Back to Cayman tomorrow, and somewhat more penitential running conditions - it is a most beautiful morning here, absolutely perfect running weather (brisk and cool and sunny, just warming up by the end to a balmier level but really almost chilly at the outset!). We were aiming for an hour, but at the 30-minute mark I had the romantically named Dows Lake Pavilion in my sights and couldn't resist adding on a few extra minutes to reach it - it is more mentally compelling to run to a landmark than to time. Anyway, a real treat, what a nice run...

6.96 miles, 1:11:20, avg pace 10:14, avg HR 149, max HR 157

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Black Knight said...

Have a safe trip to Cayman. You made the right thing going to the Pavillion, I often do the "running tourism" too to enjoy some particular landscape.