Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Short Monday run [ED. Head was clearly elsewhere - TUESDAY run!]

A nice easy short run with Max and Jasdip. I heard Jas's origin story: Max and his other dog Sharka were going in the early morning to check a fire alarm at the Grandview, and Sharka veered off into a bush where Jas (a small puppy with collar but no tags) was cowering. They sent out and put up pictures everywhere to try and find his original owner, but nobody claimed him, and by some weeks later Jas had settled in to the family for good. Bonus fact: Jasdip = Just Another Spectacular Day In Paradise! (Actually the S might be Stunning or some other such word, I cannot quite remember...)

(I'm not sure if this Facebook album is public or not, but here are Sharka and Jasdip frolicking in the Grandview Lagoon!)

33 mins. (zone 1)

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Brent Buckner said...

I did not know that story, nor the acronym. For me, just one day there was another dog playing fetch with Max.