Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday swim

Really I should have gone over there earlier, as I was lying awake in bed for several hours - but alas, there is a huge difference between being awake and being ready to get up...

(And I have also slightly disappointed myself by not going straight on to a trainer ride, but I set everything up and got started and realized that COFFEE was more urgently needed than spinning. Might have to go back to bed in a bit - not as bad as yesterday, when I canceled my projected morning bike ride because after sleeping from 11:30pm to 2:30am, I woke up and could not go back to sleep at all, so that at 6 when I should have been going out the door I was instead grumpily and Goldilocksily trying another bed and seeing if that would do anything for me. But I will spin later, it is fine.)

Just a short swim. I refreshed my memory on the swim camp drills, which really do make a very good difference to my stroke (the effect was very noticeable as we watched the videos of all the swimmers), and did some other bits to start to get back in the swing of it.

100 free, 100 IM (fly drill)
3 x 100 on swim camp drills: (1) push off in deep streamline, turn onto back underwater with arms by side, kick on back with hands sculling at side; (2) push off, turn onto side and kick on side with 1 arm extended; (3) 6-3-6 (swim camp version) - kick hard on side, relax and kick easy when swimming face down

4 x 50 fly-free as first 1 full fly stroke and rest free, then 2, etc. (stroke = 2 strokes, 1 breath)
2 x 50 breast
2 x 50 back as drill-swim (double-arm back)
2 x 50 free as drill-swim (catch-up)

100 free (2:05)
100 IM

Then I called it - beautiful morning, though the smell of trash was very strong in the air!

1200m total

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Black Knight said...

I like the quote: "there is a huge difference between being awake and being ready to get up"; I totally agree.