Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday swim

More of a wake-up swim than an actual workout. This has been a nice quiet week of morning swimming, but I think I must get up a tad earlier and have some sort of small breakfast (probably oatmeal) before swimming if I want to do a full hour and higher-intensity stuff. Certainly Wendy was always adamant that one should eat first before swimming, though it is a piece of advice I have mostly ignored!

4 x 150 free, 50 stroke in IM order (one-arm fly)
4 x 100 free drill-swim by 25 (catch-up, finger-drag, front scull, fists)

1200 meters total

It's good to be riding my bike over there and back in the morning, it gets me reacclimated to bicycle-riding...

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Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I've started making myself eat something before morning workouts. I used to think I didn't have to for anything under an hour, but man I started feeling drained recently if I didn't...