Friday, October 7, 2011

Ottawa run interlude

Wednesday and Thursday were incredibly demanding in terms of family responsibilities (yesterday early evening I thought I was about to explode from stress!), and so I acted on my earlier-in-the-week intuition that I would be wise to claim one morning for myself, and that this should be Friday. I waited for 9am so that I could do half an hour or so of business on behalf of B.'s parents (mostly setting up various doctor's appointments, ordering the hearing aid that B.'s dad was fitted for at yesterday's appointment, etc.), then kitted myself out in running gear, walked over to the canal and had 20 minutes out and back. It is the most beautiful fall weather here; I was running very slowly (my feet/calf muscles are stiff and sore, and I'm not in fast shape), but it was extremely good for mental health Now a quick shower & an expedition to find the bus that will take me out to B.'s parents' place for lunch...

41:18, 3.68mi., 11:13/mi., easy zone 2


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

That's about how fast my Zone 2 is these days. It's hard to deal with, remembering my faster glory days :-) But we'll get back!

Black Knight said...

Fall is wonderful for the workouts, isn't it?
The slow runs are the better for the mind because we have all the time to enjoy the landscapes and to think.
I hope you feel better soon.