Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday run!

Beautiful run with Liz in Central Park.  It was surprisingly warm and sunny (NYT site now says 53, but I would have guessed high 50s - I took off jacket and gloves and ran in short sleeves!).  We only did 55 minutes, not the full hour/full loop, as there are better breakfast options if we leave the park at 72nd than if we run all the way down to 59th where we started, and at my behest we power-walked Harlem Hill rather than running it (more efficient use of energy!), but it was a highly satisfactory run.

55 mins., 5-and-a-bit miles

(Oh, that's #3 of 30...)

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Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Sounds lovely! We are having an inversion right now, which means it will be sunny for the next week but coooold. But Seattle cold, which is 40 degrees, so I'm not complaining too much!