Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A very slight sinus infection, I think. Nothing bad, but I am regretfully concluding that I should NOT go to boxing! So frustrating - but if I take today off, there is a better chance I won't get really sick, so I must do it.

On a brighter note, I have a lead on a cheap road bike that might be what I've been looking for to take to Cayman. The bike I have there I bought used on Craigslist, it's not bad but it's really just a size too small (local former pro cyclist did a bit of fitting for me and agrees with diagnosis) - bad for back and knees, and I've had my eye out for something that might work a little better without setting me back too many dollars. Going to look at the bike in question at 4; will try it out on trainer indoors, as it is snowing outside. Am prepared to purchase on the spot if it fits - I love my Specialized Roubaix, and I think this is close enough that I should seize the moment. You don't see that many used 49cm road bikes, they are mostly much larger.

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