Friday, November 9, 2012


Yesterday was tiring, and I got very dehydrated during travels - felt awful when I woke up this morning, but another couple hours in bed were helpful, as were water, extra-strength Excedrin and a granola bar. Initially seemed inconceivable that I could even get out of bed; then I thought perhaps I'd just go with B. to the hotel fitness center; but the restorative properties of the granola bar were such that I reverted to original plan of BEAUTIFUL OUTDOOR RUN! Highly worthwhile. I saw the Canadian Malting Co. building and turned around just past a sort of triumphal arch. Nice way to see a bit of a city on a short visit!

1hr run, c. 5.5 miles (lots of lights on Yonge St., lost some time waiting around there)

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Black Knight said...

Nothing is better than an outdoor run!