Saturday, March 4, 2017


I had to take a zero on Friday, that's not good but Vatican museum visiting was too tiring! (Also about 3mi brisk walking, 1.5mi each way, c. 1hr.) But this morning has been idyllic - it is the Saturday morning I wished I had last week and was crestfallen not to! I have finally oriented myself such that I can handle the logistics of figuring out the run-yoga seamless transition. Also a gear question - they have mats at the studio, but I need to bring a towel to soak up sweat (otherwise hands are way too slippery!) - foolishly did not bring little running backpack with me to Italy, but turns out the folded towel hangs easily and comfortably over my small waist belt. ANYWAY...

70 minutes run along the river
1.5hr hot vinyasa with Bon, who is a yoga-teaching genius

Also had the most delicious Gatorade in the history of the brand - blood orange flavor! And have identified the shop where I can buy sport drink and water if I want to do the back-to-back run-yoga combo. All is good! And this afternoon after lunch I have a plan to visit the Keats-Shelley museum with one of the other fellows - having a companion takes a lot of pressure off of navigation, even if I am in charge of the route it is not as stressful getting lost with company as solo!

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