Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Thought I could run this morning before going out, didn't need to leave till 10:15, but I think the stress of navigating foreign city is still high enough (though much reduced - I got to where I was going pretty efficiently and without undue drama, indeed with only a tiny amount of map consultation!) that I found myself psychologically incapable of getting out the door. Had backup plan to run in Trastevere after church walks and before yoga, but it was in retrospect totally unrealistic - having been on my feet for about 3 hours at that point all I could do was sit down and try to refuel and rehydrate. Yoga was good, and I will just have to take today as a rest day from running (there was one written in for Friday) - knee a little sore, so possibly just as well.

1.25hr flow and restore yoga (plus 4 important churches - Aracoeli, the 2 big Jesuit ones and the Pantheon!)

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