Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sunday long run, Tuesday home run!

Hmmm, did I omit to write a blog post? I wrote something on Facebook, it must have left me with the mistaken impression that I'd logged here! Anyway, did get my long one done on Sunday, woo-hoo! The cycle path along the Tiber goes much further past the Ponte Milvio than I had feared, it was lovely, nice overcast wweather. Slept not a wink on Sunday night inevitably as the car to take me to the airport was due at 5:30am. Travel went fairly smoothly, I was home before 5pm, slept a long time last night and am feeling tired today but not unmanageably so. Weather very nice here too actually (though ground is covered with dirty disgusting snow), had a nice easy hour in Riverside Park....

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