Saturday, May 5, 2018

Miserable Saturday 8

I think I will just post in the entry in my training log:
Ugh, that was miserable. I should have paid attention to my initial reservations, but I decided I was just being defeatist and should give Coach's advice a try! My Garmin is still buried in not-yet-unpacked Paris luggage (didn't use it at all there anyway since I was running on time and prefer minimalist regular Timex watch that I wear all the time - it has stopwatch function which is really all I need). Picked 8mi route (some local distances I know well from various prior training stints) - the "long" way to the Little Red Lighthouse, i.e. down from 116th to 96th and then uptown along the river. It's about 5 from here to lighthouse on that route, then about 3 directly back as crow flies if you depart from river path at 125th when it splits. So: I did 2:1 from start to lighthouse (it is admittedly a really good destination!). That took about 1:20. It was miserable - my right foot was very sore from the start, back/hip OK initially but gait starts t o get affected and it was clearly jamming up left knee. I'd d ecided in last stretch of that bit that I would then walk t he remaining miles (it's not s traightforward getting from park to public transit up there), that was a bout another 1:10 (so total time on feet for 8mi was 2:30, split 1:20 jog-walk/1:10 straight walk), but my foot was just really sore (it's kind of along outside of foot from ankle, more on top of foot than sole, no idea what this might be except that it sure "feels" like it's connected to the messed-up stuff higher up on that side), and post-any kind of run my back and hip f eel awful, so I was just hobbling home feeling overheated and grumpy. I am not usually in such a bad mood, and got initial mild mood boost because of it not being 90 degrees, but the cyclists are SO OBNOXIOUS on the shared-use path - it is worst as you move north on foot on the stretch between 96th and 125th (I am actually going to write a letter to city/parks people to complain - markings could be clearer, tho honestly it really is clear what you are SUPPOSED to do, the cyclists just don't WANT to do it that way) - and my mood never really recovered, esp since lots of different areas were so sore. I think we should cap longest run at 80 minutes till I've seen this doctor and got some kind of fuller diagnosis and PT r ecommendations - it just can't be good to d something that makes eveyrthing so unpleasantly sore, and I think the foot soreness is a direct result of semi-ignoring the hip/thigh/backc stufff....

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Tea said...

Oh dear. I hope you are feeling better physically and mentally now.