Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mid-week catch-up

Monday: designated rest day from exercise, but I also didn't do my PT exercises (have let the 2 things get unduly tied together).

Tuesday: early doc appointment in midtown compromised sleep (but my back is doing SO MUCH BETTER! Just had 48 hours pretty much pain-free - putting in this pillow underneath my side while sleeping was the last important piece of the puzzle and has made a big difference). Meant to go straight from midtown doc to Chelsea Piers to swim, but inevitably forgot to bring swim stuff (was leaving apartment at 7:15 when usually I don't even wake up properly till about 9:30!). Dozed some, important conference call re: Ottawa business, did do PT in the end but didn't manage to get to the gym for a bike.

Wednesday: PT, then the alloted 30 as 1:1! Which I now see could have been 40 if I had only looked at my training spreadsheet! Woo-hoo, we're starting to build back up again a bit more....

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