Thursday, July 12, 2018


Good day. Just about made it to 10:30 restorative yoga, which really hit the spot today: I wasn't having allergies that made my face want to explode (or right-nostril breathing impossible), my back is much better and no longer twanging even in rest positions, etc. Ate a salad and finished reading Naomi Novik's extremely good new novel. Then had PT on pool deck and a nice swim as follows:

Warmup (500)

100 easy
2 x 150 as kick-drill-swim by 50 (back, free)
100 RaLaCuBa

Main set (500)

4 x 125 as 25 back, 100 free, concentrating on long smooth easy strokes

Test: 50 fly as drill-swim. Hmmm, maybe I can start adding a little of this back in - it would make sets more appealing....

Cooldown: 50 easy back, 100 free

1200 yards total

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