Saturday, December 29, 2007

Strange hotel mini-swimming

Half an hour, and it was rather lovely, I had the (miniature) pool completely to myself. It let me think about various aspects of those strokes, I must sign up for Teachers College pool membership again in the spring and have one evening a week where I go and just think about stuff and work on technique.

It seems to me if you get the "keyhole" shape right with the arms on the butterfly, it makes all sorts of other things (the undulation, but even and also the forward propulsion which generally strikes me as less counterintuitive) work right. I am starting to get a good feel for that backstroke catch, I love that stroke (I am just clearer on the horizontal-axis strokes for now than on the others). I lose the breaststroke timing easily through impatience, but if I stay calm it works a lot better. (Like life!)

I must work on bilateral breathing! Even on right-side breathing, I could use some serious form adjustment, I'm turning my head way too high up and bringing it out of the water--Wendy had some good tips on how to alter this bad habit, but I did not have time to work on it this morning. A project...

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Wendy said...

Glad you got more pool time in!

Also, in short pools it is particularly fun to underwater dolphin from one end to the other, or see if you can streamline, do either a breaststroke pullout or underwwater flutter and get to the other end.

Finally, plain ole ordinary kick is good too.