Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday run

1hr. - c. 5.5 miles, I'd say.

Took a few short walk breaks - it's a beautiful morning here, not at all hot by Cayman standards, but I am not acclimated to running in temps of mid-70s F with 80% humidity.

It also must be said that I am not one of nature's early risers, but it has to be early here if one is going to run outside - also, yesterday was a very lazy day - we were going to go to the gym at 8, and then we might have gone at 10, and then we were going to go at 3 only we were circumvented by the delivery and setup of an EXTREMELY LARGE TELEVISION!

I think I'll swim in the sea later - this week is going to be a big/good exercise week, I am gearing up for it. I am ashamed to note that I did no strength training this past week - that will be remedied...

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Wendy said...

Very good! (It's not the heat, it's the humidity!)


Sea Swim!

Much Excitement All Around!