Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday run/strength

30 min. on the treadmill: 10 mins. warmup, then 10 x 1 min. @ 5.5mph (10:54/mi.), 1 min. @ 7.0mph (8:34/mi.). I did the first and last intervals at 7.5mph (8:00) - sensibly realized, though, that the workout was going to be mentally too strenuous if I tried to hold that throughout! Hmmm, I haven't been running enough, time to start raising the mileage and holding a more respectable weekly total...

(I'm going back to New York on Wednesday, and can figure on losing some exercise time to travel fatigue, but I'm basically going to try and have high-volume training from now through March 14, followed by a week of recovery and vacation. So let's say I've got two and a half weeks - I will make the most of them!)

Then 25 min. upper body and 45 min. core class (only I forgot that the Thursday incarnation of the class is much more lower-body-oriented - it was a pity I already did so many lunges and squats yesterday!).

Strength training and biking must remain my priority, I think, through the next training block, despite desire for more run miles and also the fact that I am almost certainly going to swim in a MEET in April (first time ever!).

I've divided this year up into segments. Block 1 was the six weeks running from Feb. 1-March 14. Block 2 will run from March 22 to May 23, 9 weeks (I'll have a couple of easier weeks in there, but will wait to see how training fatigue accumulates to decide when I'll have them), and will culminate in a 112-mile bike ride and the Harriman half-ironman.

I'll head down to Cayman again at the end of May - only then does the real Ironman training begin - everything between now and then is base-building and play!

(That's fifteen weeks out from IMWI, which I figure is just about perfect. I'm going to train on a modified version of Gale Bernhardt's 13 weeks to a 13-hour Ironman plan, and 15 vs. 13 gives a bit of leeway to accommodate several trips, including a visit to New York in the second half of the July for the NYC triathlon and some extensive hilly bike-riding. That's the original article/plan, by the way; the version in the current edition of Training Plans for Multisport Athletes is a bit different, and I'll have somewhat more bike volume and additional strength training if I can fit it in. This book is in my opinion the single most indispensable training volume for a novice triathlete, and I thank Brent for putting it into my hands when I first ruminated, c. January 2008, that it might be more enjoyable to participate in the Florida 70.3 than to spectate, despite my complete lack of previous triathlon experience!)


ShirleyPerly said...

I used a modified version of the same training program for IMFL back in 2006. I think it was very useful except one needs to be careful about the assumptions it makes on ability and consequently the time specified on the workouts. My swim pace and ability was much slower/lower than what that program was geared for and, in hindsight, I did not really do enough to prepare. Also, I got too fixated on just making cut-offs and did not allow for the multitude of things that could and did in fact slow me down (waves/current on the swim, wind/hills on the bike, GI issues on the run). After 3 irons (2 completed, 1 attempt) I would say I still took 30 min to an 1 hour longer than expected on some parts of my race. Probably a good idea to expect that.

Thanks to Brent for getting you into tris!

Rainmaker said...

NYC Tri - Woot!

See ya there!