Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday swim/yoga

Good swim and yoga earlier - it is a particularly pleasant combination.

This is a different yoga class I hadn't gone to before, and I liked it, after getting over initial mild internal hilarity at resonant voice and slightly larger-than-life persona of the instructor - it was less athletic and more breathing- and flexibility-oriented than the vinyasa class I also like, highly worthwhile in its own way and (I thought) considerably more challenging from a strictly yoga-related point-of-view (then again, the flexibility bits are much more difficult for me than the strength bits, so that may be a highly subjective judgement).

A funny conversation mid-swim - I had been sharing the lane with a befinned and bepaddled fellow who was doing his own thing, but finished up my 100s of free just as he was getting out. I had been having VERY negative thoughts during those hundreds - I am so slow, my stroke is so awful, my flip turns make me slower than I was before, etc. etc. - I guess I really should have done them on 2:05 rather than 2, as I had to regroup mid-set and take a minute off to recombobulate, it is really a time I should be able to hold but I just wasn't getting it. (Fault of flip turns and lack of recent swim volume!)

So I popped up to get ready for the final set, and the fellow climbing out greeted me with much approval. I cannot swear to the exact words, but they were along these lines: "You are a good lanemate, I enjoyed swimming with you! Some people are very annoying to swim with, you on the other hand made me think that this would be a woman I would like if I knew her out of the pool! You are a good swimmer!" And it was evidently and wholeheartedly clear that he really believed me to be a good swimmer - it was quite heartening, it put my workout in perspective.

(For the record, I was enjoying the swim quite a bit from a strictly physiological standpoint, it was just the mental stuff that was getting me down!)

600 warmup as 150 free, 50 stroke drill (fly, back, breast)

6 x 100 IM on 2:30

6 x 100 free on 2:00 (only I slipped an illicit bit of extra rest in there)

Kick set with board (ourobouros-style!): 4 x 150 as 100 flutter, 50 whip; 100 whip, 50 dolphin; 100 dolphin, 50 flutter; 100 flutter, 50 whip

It was very good.

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Wendy said...

Coach Duane and Coach Gerry (our stretching guru) recommend a minimum 6 hour interval between a serious stretching workout and a swim/run. (In point of fact, they prefer an overnight recovery.) The stretching may have contributed more to your performance than flip turns!

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with changing the interval midstream if you don't have it on a particular day.