Thursday, April 26, 2012


My non-negotiable six hours a week of exercise had to give way to the force majeure of truly intense work pressures both at school and with regard to novel revision. Only got about 1.5hr sleep last night as I was working till late and had to leave by 5:45am to get to the airport (I never can sleep when I have to get such an early flight) - but arrived safely here at lunchtime and accompanied B. to the new World Gym, which is amazingly conveniently only five minutes' walk away.  If I meet big deadline by mid-afternoon tomorrow, might be I can squeeze out six hours by end of day Sunday, but it may just be unrealistic!

40min treadmill (10min jog warmup, 3min transition as I tried to figure out whether treadmill offered some convenient way of toggling between two speeds - it did not - then 9 x 3:00 as 90 seconds fast, 90 seconds recovery

10min misc. strength

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Black Knight said...

A Gym 5 minutes walk away is a good opportunity. I have a gym near my house too, the owners are 2 boxeur: 1 is a world champion and another an european champion. They are very friendly and supportive. Now another local world champion follows his training plan there. Their names: Branco brothers and Marsili.
They helped me to recover after the incident and the operations.