Saturday, April 14, 2012


Got down to Chelsea Piers cafe for an early morning session of book work, then went to an amazing 10am spin class: 5 x 4:00 Tabata intervals (8 x 20 seconds all out, 10 seconds rest), with varying rest between sets.  Then I went to a restorative yoga class; hadn't registered terminological distinction between this and the "gentle" yoga I've attended sometimes there, it's really just 3-4 long extended poses with no movement, with relaxation as primary goal.  Not sure I would do it instead of my regular kinds of yoga (aside from everything else, you get freezing if you go in sweaty spin clothes!), but I would have to say that for today - for this time of the school year, when I am explosively stressed out about everything - it was highly beneficial.

1hr spin
1hr restorative yoga

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Black Knight said...

Glad that you find the stress solution in the yoga classes. My lack of time doesn't allow to try it.