Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Not by ailment - in fact I am much better today, just a little rawness still in upper throat/sinuses.  But I was really hoping to do the double morning class at World Gym, and was frustrated not for the first time by a very obnoxious culture there whereby a few ladies 'save' all the bikes in the spin studio for their friends.  I left my things on a bike at 8:20, went to core class at 8:30 and then got upstairs to claim bike at 9:15 for 9:30 class, but in fact I hadn't seen the near-invisible seat cover a lady had used to  'save' her bike - she had turfed out my stuff, another woman was in the same position as I and we were both very grumpy.  I am henceforth skipping this whole scene, it's too obnoxious!  I will go back to the gym at lunchtime for some kind of treadmill workout, or elliptical if I feel that the minor ailment deserves one more day of respect.

45 minutes core

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Black Knight said...

Difficult to live together to such rude persons. I remember that on the cruise ships it always happens; you never find a chair on the pool deck because all of them are covered by an anonymous towel.