Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long run of arduousness!

OK, that was hard.  Long damp slow shuffle is more like it.  My lower right back has been hurting a bit this week; it was sore right away, much worse in second hour.  Won't go to yoga this evening, it would be too much, but will shoot for at least half an hour of stretching, concentrating on calves and lower back.  It was already sore enough on Tuesday that I dug out the foam roller, which I don't usually bother with; more of that might be helpful also.

NB I had the most amazing animal sighting!  Along Cherry Walk the bike/pedestrian path runs right next to the highway, with just a narrow strip of greenery and rocky bank right down to the water.  It's been so rainy all week, there are tons of birds pecking up grubs from the ground.  I spotted a beautiful black cat - very yellow eyes, a long distinguished face and Roman nose, shaggy long black fur - stalking two birds about five feet away.  They were oblivious, alas, with sad consequences for one of them - a short dash, a pounce - a satisfying huge mouthful of feathers and meat....

1:55hr 'run' (c. 10 miles)

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Black Knight said...

The cats, so sweet and so cruel.
I have 3 cats at home and one is totally black.