Saturday, May 12, 2012

Long run!

Gosh, that was amazing - perfect running weather, and for whatever reason it felt very mentally and physically manageable (I am over the hump of a hard work week!).  Saw a cormorant and lots of butterflies; also a very funny English sheepdog who was extremely curious about the music emanating from an open-air saxophonist (the lady walking him saw me looking and commented as I ran past that her husband plays the saxophone, and that any minute now the dog was likely to start 'singing' - which indeed he did!).

Gotta book it out of here, clad & provisioned for a six-hour opera (final installment of Ring cycle!), my first swim in many months (makes more sense to go to Chelsea Piers than come uptown between) and a party downtown!  Won't be home till midnight, that's a slightly overwhelming prospect given that I need to be out of here in ten minutes...

1:24 easy run (c. 7.5 mi.)

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Black Knight said...

I love to see the cormorants. Where I run there is a nice family of cormorants that spent their time on the springboard of a seaside resort.
1:24 running; very good job.