Friday, February 3, 2017


Actually I am in a good mood, all things considered (despite various wranglings at the pharmacy just now re: vacation override and prescriptions for Rome - but the 2 guys on duty were very helpful and the situation is resolved to our joint satisfaction though with more dollars spent than would have been the case if I had stopped in this morning to check on how things were going, not worth going into the details as they are at once tedious and highly arcane but if you are USian you understand that this will often be the case surrounding prescription coverage!), but - impending sinus infection threw things off today. I couldn't run in the morning outside at home because it was 27F (doc says don't exercise outside below freezing, I will bend that to 29/30 which is where I detect a substantive difference but have learned not to push it farther, even if I weren't getting sick). But had noon session with Josh (more to talk before I go than because I really needed a workout!) and 2pm PT. Meant to run immediately following session, but had been up some overnight with sore throat and last bits of aerobic stuff we did made me feel woozy rather than energized, so I ate and regrouped and figured I'd reassess after PT. Unfortunately it still seemed to me that body did not need additional stress, especially given that it's the long run tomorrow that's the important one (and I still needed to go downtown for dinner with G.). Just hoping I don't feel awful when I wake up tomorrow!!! Anyway:

1hr upper body: some heavy board press, 3 x 3 I think at 115, then some singles at 125, that felt good! Some dumbbell floor press with light weights for max reps (3 x :30 @ 17.5), ditto incline rows (4 x :30 @ 17.5, could really go one heavier for that). Triceps extension with band, maybe one other thing.

My back is feeling great BTW - was a low on Wednesday, but PT Wednesday helped a lot, did exercises properly yesterday, haven't been much at computer - all good.

Retiring to bed shortly with Kindle to sleep for as long as possible and hope that immune system will rally!

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