Saturday, February 25, 2017

Frustrating Saturday

Ugh, just a bit homesick I think! Have had horrible sleep all week - gave in and took a tablet on Thursday night, since I had to be up 7:45ish to get to the Friday morning "walk and talk" and just couldn't face another night of being awake, but that then leads to "rebound insomnia" the following night, which means I feel like I hardly got any sleep at all (really obviously I was asleep some of the time, but so shallowly that it feels like you're awake).

Had my heart set on yoga (10:30 with the genius teacher), but had not understood the nature of the booking system (this is really not my fault, the lady I paid for membership might have said something to me - it's not specified online, my type of membership can't book online and you effectively I think need to make a phone call). So I sat waiting to see if a spot would open up, and it didn't, and I walked home in a low-blood-sugar haze of distress. Got a small muffin at the bar downstairs and went out for short run, which also felt awful. Gonna do the long one tomorrow (and have booked yoga for the coming week, hopefully that works OK - my confidence in the whole system is now slightly shot!).

Have a museum date later which is probably just as well as the only thing I really want to do is "ostrich" - hide under the covers in bed!

:37 easy

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