Sunday, February 26, 2017


Yesterday was just one of those anxiety-disorder disasters (not really - once I GOT to the museum I had a really lovely visit there, got home OK and had a nice local dinner with Kindle), but I finally got a good night of sleep and felt much better when I woke up this morning. Decided that breakfast and a supermarket trip were more important than running right away (no meals at the Academy on Sundays - during the week I really don't need provisions, but it's a long time from Saturday lunch to things opening back up again on Monday), this was the right choice, felt slightly less overwhelmed by my environment. And then indulged myself (lungs are still dodgy, but also I needed the comfort of "flat out and back along water" which is my preferred default run mode) by running down the hill to the river and then doing the rest of the time as out and back up past the Vatican. Finished up back at Ponte Sisto, had a small snack at the bottom of the hill in Trastevere then clambered up hills and stairs home off the clock. It was good - will do proper long runs in coming weeks on the park trails, which are much more like my event's terrain, but this was immensely soothing and I feel much more myself!

90 minutes easy

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