Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Felt as if I might finally be settling in as I (a) walked a very direct route to yoga without a map and without getting lost (b) established that I had a valid membership and a reservation for class and (c) locked up my stuff in a locker with the adorable tiny lock I bought last week. Then felt less capable as it emerged that though it's an English-language class, the teacher was often speaking mostly Italian - there were a couple newbies who didn't speak English, and I suspect it was her discretionary call that it would be more important for her to make sure those were following everything than that I was! (I must speak less Italian than anyone else in the room, but on the other hand I have done a lot of yoga classes over the years....)

Anyway, it is unfortunate that Tuesday and Thursday are the days I can do yoga this week, this teacher isn't as well suited to my preferences as the other one (whose class I am hoping to go to on Saturday, but I have conflicts for the Wed. and Fri. ones), but it is still good - yoga and running are as always a very good combination/complement.

1.25hr power vinyasa

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