Friday, February 24, 2017


It is really a mistake to leave it so late in the day, though today it was unavoidable (given that I haven't been sleeping easily or well, anyway) - had to leave here about 8:20 to get to our 9am "walk and talk" museum visit (pretty brisk half-hour walk each way), lunch at 1pm, rare book session at the library at 2:30 (it was great). By the time I was back in my room I was feeling pretty much just DONE, only - as David would say - those 50 miles at Rock the Ridge are not going to run themselves! I'd asked for long run day to be Friday, but this was before I knew that the Academy trips would be so heavily scheduled for Fridays also, so I think it's fair enough to move it around. I set out just do the the shortest one of the next three days (written in for Sunday as 20 easy, 6 x :30 hill, 20 easy), but really once I was doing the short hill intervals I felt as though I could manage a full hour. So call it an hour with intervals and hills, will do the short one tomorrow morning first thing and then go to 10:30 yoga with the genius teacher (4pm museum date at the Capitoline), Sunday do the 90-minute one on a day when I have nothing else on the agenda (other than the perennial GIBBON!). OK, that is all too complicated, I need to shower and get some refreshments!

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