Thursday, March 1, 2018


100 times better than yesterday esp. due to setting out with thin enough socks that my toes weren't exploding with pain! (Really I am stiff and cumbersome right now, just shuffling along, but it's still pretty enjoyable, sore/stiff parts notwithstanding.) 1hr alternating 3 x 2:1 and 2 x 3:1. It's milder now and the yoga this morning was beneficial. I am visiting friends at the end of the month, leaving on the 25th, and I think it's time for a yoga challenge - don't think every day is realistic (I am every day for running and you can really only have one daily exercise commitment like that or it starts to be too much), but I think I can try and do fifteen classes before my trip - call this morning's 1/15.

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