Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Wednesday update

70 with 20 as 1:1 to warm up and cool down, work set at 6 x 3min faster, 2min walking recovery.

I've been gradually figuring out my yoga schedule, adding more as I get acclimated (but lot of yin so that I don't overdo it with muscle work).  This week's schedule looks like this:

Monday: 7am Modo flow class; walk
Tuesday: 7am core strength flow with Susanne; 40 as 1:1
Wednesday: 70 as noted above; 2pm Bliss flow + nidra (Rachel)
Thursday: walk; 8:30 private session with Susanne (flow); 4pm Modo yin
Friday: 40 as 1:1; 8:30 private session with Susanne (yin)
Saturday: 80 as 3:1 with 40 as 4:1 in the middle; 3pm Bliss yin (Iliana)
Sunday: 40 as 1:1: 3pm Bliss flow (Chantelle); 6pm Modo yin