Thursday, August 31, 2017


Lower back rather stiff from yesterday. Forty minutes as 3:1 early (a storm was brewing, there was a breeze and a lot of thunder, it was a little cooler than usual). Then mid-morning hot yoga. It was pretty hot....

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Long mid-week one: 80 minutes, outward leg as 4:1 and then I switched to 2:1 for the return leg as things were starting to get too tight and sore. I think the hot yoga is good for my back, I have to see if I can fit it into the regular schedule when I'm home. No yoga today, want to give everything a chance to settle back down (also, the dreaded cleaner day....)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

83/72 and mid-morning hot yoga

The run was nice, early, sweaty - just 30 minutes as 2:1 (just walking out the door from air-conditioning to humidity at 6am is pretty horrendous, but it is not so much absolutely hot, just that nothing will evaporate off the skin for cooling!). Midmorning hot yoga was pretty heinously hot, ugh....

Monday, August 28, 2017

Early hot!

And it was just the right temperature, I didn't have to sit anything out, that's good. 1hr hot yoga (still pretty darn hot honestly) and 30 minutes walk. No run today - trying to let everything settle....

Sunday, August 27, 2017


40 easy and early as 2:1.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Long one for the week. 90 minutes as 2:1 jog-walk. Highlights included seeing a caterpillar hanging on a thread of its own silk from a tree, 2 tiny dead lizards pressed flat on the sidewalk in front of the Kimpton and exchanging proper introductions with the friend I made this week who rides by me on his bicycle and offers positive exhortations of one kind or another! Was a little late getting out the door, not horribly so, met Brent at the cafe shortly after 7. Note to self: one bottle of water was not quite enough for 75 minutes, and 2 is not really enough for 90 in these climes, I probably need to don the full 2L hydration pack for next week's long run.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Hot yoga!

Because of minor nagging injuries, David suggested a rest day, and I figured it's probably a good idea - was resistant at first until I realized that of course I can walk over to 6am hot yoga instead of doing a run first thing! The early class is good, too, because they don't have time to get the room quite so hot (it's still very intensely hot as far as I am concerned!) - though honesty compels me to admit that when the temperature is perhaps in high 90s rather than the prescribed 105, my hip is sore for much of the standing sequence.

1hr hot yoga, half-hour walk

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

77/68 and hot yoga

Brent's beneficent influence on me continues, I was up and out early enough to be done with my longer midweek run by 7, the hour when the sun has come up enough that running outside no longer seems sensible or safe! 75 minutes, first hour as 4:1, then switched for last bit to 2:1 (numb hamstring, discomfort around old spinal erector injury - hip felt ABSOLUTELY FINE I am happy to say and so did lower back). Dropped one set of sweat-drenched exercise garb in the wash, showered and donned set #2, did a couple hours of decent work at Cafe del Sol then went to 10:30 hot yoga. Hahaha, today it was just REGULARLY too hot rather than devastatingly so, I was glad I was there, though I was pretty much in a puddle when I was done - I had asked Brent to come and pick me up again, though I think I would have been OK to walk home after some interim hydration!...

75 minutes jog-walk (4:1, 2:1)
1hr hot yoga

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hot yoga!

The exclamation point is not deserved, in fact it was nauseatingly hot and a little horrible - I am questioning my belief that doing hot yoga every day will be the most therapeutic option! And yes, the first time back after a long layoff is usually the most horrible - but it is also possible that it is just TOO HOT FOR ME (especially when the humidity is so high outside).

1hr extremely hot yoga


Just 30 easy and early, 2:1 jog walk. I have been thoroughly rerouted to Camana Bay!

Monday, August 21, 2017


Really I'm not counting any more, will take a rest day once a week. Had 1hr as 2:1, pretty good, wasn't inspired as I went out (it's Monday, my hip was a little sore even before I started - I think it's from sitting in airport and on plane Friday), but it started raining pretty hard about halfway through, backed off a little and was then TORRENTIAL for last stretch before home, which I find utterly exhilarating! Hoping the weather system will clear a bit before eclipse viewing later....

1hr as 2:1 jog-walk

Sunday, August 20, 2017


40 easy and early as 3:1. New pedestrian path leading to Camana Bay provides good running route - and even a HILL!

Saturday, August 19, 2017


At this point I just want to get to day 100 only 10 days behind! Worth keeping on counting for that reason alone. Yesterday was a legitimate zero, had alarm set for 5:15 and hardly slept. Got up and out early this morning, just 30+ easy (4:1 - not sure if it's that I'm moving slower due to heat and humidity or whether the heat and humidity actually prevent calf and back fromm locking up so much, but I prefer that to 2:1 here) and met up with Brent at Cafe del Sol. It is good! Maybe yoga later if I get my act together - belongings currently strewn all over as I dug run stuff out of bag last night (if you don't put it out the night before, it doesn't happen), gotta do something about that first...

c. 35:00 easy as 4:1

Thursday, August 17, 2017


A good session with Josh. Some strength stuff but really concentrating on technique and lingering injury issues. Did some box squats with PVC bar, then with chain and bar - concentrating on where things have a tendency to go wrong once I fatigue. Exploratory stuff on floor demonstrated to both our satisfaction that my right glute area is still royally messed up! (Single-leg hip thrusts, some other hip flexor exercises - I think weak hip flexors are one of the culprits on this.) Won't start lifting real bar and weight until this is further improved.

Then not technically a run, but it was 40 minutes brisk walk (about 2 miles from Chelsea Piers to the Brookdale, but needed to get to Gene's in clean dry clothes not sweaty gym clothes!), and I am going to count it just this once - stirred up all that glute/hip stuff already, so this was for the best. And now I need to try and go to SLEEP given morning alarm is set for 5:15.

Have virtuous resolution for Cayman: good nutrition and rigid exercise schedule, run early early, get early ride from Brent to cafe and work from c. 6:45-10:15, then hot yoga every weekday (heat should help loosen up ongoing tightness around this right hip/back stuff) and 40-60 minutes at the gym every afternoon for mix of strength and stretch....

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


45:00 with 4 x :40 hills in the middle. A bit lackluster, but I feel good now it's done. Next: make the summer's definitive final work to-do list - I'm heading to Cayman early Friday and need to make sure I have all the necessary work materials with me....

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


That was a good workout! (Hahaha, also had allergy shots beforehand, new set of bottles @ stronger strength, that may also be helping the triceps feel extra PUMPED....)

Bench: 4 x 6 @ 65% (85) (0-3-0)

(2) circuit x 3: (a) single-arm floor press x 12 @ 27.5; (b) band lat pulldown x 20; (c) band face pulls x 20

(3) circuit x 3: (a) shrugs x 20 @ 37.5; (b) lateral raise x 10 @ 5 (6 seconds descending); (c) front raise x 10 @ 5 (ditto)

(4) 100 kettlebell skull-crusher (8kg)

I need to figure out if I can do workouts on my own the next two weeks in Cayman or if I should hire a trainer for accountability. I'm torn - should really try and do it on my own, but I know it is more likely to happen as it should if I get someone locked in!


Multitasking! 30 easy with some bits of walking (forgot watch with chrono function, also right achilles very tender/tight). Then picked up my BorrowDirect books at the library and got an egg sandwich from the Asian deli en route home. Feeling accomplished....

Monday, August 14, 2017

Sat-Sun-Mon update

I was very busy over the weekend - more human contact over a couple days than I usually have in a month! (Or possibly even a whole summer!) Anyway Saturday was legitimately a day off, left very early for day out at Fire Island with powerlifters (it was great, only I sat twisted around on the train to talk to folks and my hip became quite sore, it's still twanging me more than usual today). Sunday I did run before heading downtown for trip to NJ for family BBQ, ditto this morning - that waasy day 67, run 60 and day 68, run 61 (40 as 2:1 both times).

Rode bike downtown to lift (it was hard leaving the house, I am in need of some serious downtime!), that was the right call, it's simpler and more time-efficient. We are continuing on the slow build:

deadlift work set as 4 x 5 @ 65% (156) with three-second hold at the knee on the way up
ring rows: 4 x 10 with 5-second hold at the top
incline rows (double-arm): 4 x 10 @ 27.5 with 3-second hold at the top

1hr lower body
10mi bike

Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 65, run 59

I'm almost a week behind now - I missed yesterday evening's run, in retrospect it may have been unrealistic (it's not just the lower body, it's the time on bike and general dehydration/underfueling - I had a late afternoon doctor's appointment where I had to wait quite a long time, and by the time I got home around six the ONLY thing I was ready for was a sandwich and a book in bed). Thought I might just be able to drag myself out around 8pm, but given that I wanted to do my long one this morning, I didn't want to jeopardize that. Anyway, the weather currently is a GIFT, so nice - low 70s, low humidity - and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Back is surprisingly NORMAL, that's great (I think the regular lifting is very beneficial). Hip and hamstring both acting up a bit, not horribly but I am going to stick with the run-walk for immediate future....

80 minutes as 2:1 jog-walk

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Ah, that was heaven - as I rode my bike home, I thought probably the only other thing that can lay claim to being such enjoyable morning is the flush of mild discovery in a rare book room! The weather is clement, summer is almost over (that is a good thing) and I set up a session with Josh as I have my annual physical later (overscheduled primary care doc, you take the slot they give you!) and didn't want to miss Thursday's workout again.

I actually haven't squatted since January, due to one thing another (Rome, mega-run training, injury, PT, training cycle), and it was surprisingly good. We just did goblet squats this week and will have a session next Thursday where I put the bar on my back again, I have a bit of a mental block on that. Not sure this is exactly what we did, but along these lines

4 x 10 kettlebell squat (with box), 18lb, 3 seconds tempo + 2 seconds hold at the bottom
3 x 10 Romanian DL, 8lb (?) kettlebell, slow down and pause at the bottom
hamstring curls with ball: 4 x 6 (3 seconds tempo on roll out, keeping hips high)
a knee band thing
possibly one other thing?

Super-enjoyable - no better way to spend discretionary income as far as I am concerned...

1hr lower body
10mi relaxing bike

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Day 63, run 58

David recommended a day off due to ongoing minor aches and pains, but really there are too many reasons in favor of running and few against! Just did 30 easy as 2:1 jog-walk. It is 70F at noon! In NYC in August!

Monday, August 7, 2017


My favorite day of the lifting week obvs. Very nice. I like my teammates!

deadlift set: 4 x 4 @ 62.5% (151 then 155 based on switching to a different bar) with a three-second hold as the bar reaches the knee on its way up

ring rows: 4 x 10 with 3-second hold at the top

circuit: 3 x (15 single-arm rows, 25 shrugs) - used overly heavy weights for first couple sets, my hands wouldn't stay closed after that! (I think it was a set at 37.5, a set at 42.5, back to 37.5) and first 52 then 42 then 37 for the shrugs....

c. 1hr lower body + a bit of stretching

Day 62, run 57

Rainy and in the 60s! This is highly Davidsonian running weather. Only needed to do 20 easy, but I enjoyed it....

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Day 61, run 56

Just 30 as 2:1. Need to get my act together and get downtown for dinner with a friend. Had a really nice breakfast with my brother at G.'s - precious but tiring, it is a strain on my system to get to Tribeca on Sunday morning by 9:15!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Day 60, run 55

It was a boon that the temperature stayed low rather later into the morning than the forecast predicted - it's really, really hard for me to get up and out in a timely manner! So it was still low 70s and overcast/windy when I started around 11:30 - only got a little hotter while I was out - glad it was only 80 minutes though. Injury report: hip only a little sore, back actually FINE, but that little spot that as I picture it is where sciatic nerve comes out of the ischial tuberosity is PEEPING at me constantly....

80 minutes as 2:1 jog-walk

Friday, August 4, 2017

Day 59, run 54

Quite enjoyable, actually. Storm brought temps down, it's already on its way back up to hot and hazy (rather unpleasant) but at low 70s rather than low 80s, still preferable to last night. And I felt less overwhelmed/despairing. That said, I seem to have a lot of minor aches and pains - some kind of sciatica hamstring thing made it hard for me to find a comfortable position to sleep in last night, and I possibly shouldn't even think of trying to do a double while that stuff is ongoing. Which is a pity, b/c today and tomorrow are prime days for it - but health before obsessive counting!

30 minutes as 2:1 jog-walk

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 58, run 53

Tough day due to wrestling with IDENTITY THEFT logistics and implications - no actual harm done, no money stolen (impersonator ran out of the bank when teller was suspicious?!?), but I had to close accounts and open new ones and do all the other stuff etc. Mid-afternoon doctor's appointment downtown, it's super-hot, and by the time I got home from that and did a few more bank phone calls, all I could really do was HUDDLE (I finished #6 in this crime series but will have to wait for #7 to arrive in the mail unfortunately). Knew that a run would make me feel better - it's sort of a human chemical miracle, even a very slow one works - so I dragged myself out towards dusk, pretty warm stuff but now I am showered and watered and fed I do feel significantly more human. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for me!

30 easy as 2:1 jog-walk

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Day 57, run 52

Ah, like Tristram Shandy, I am falling ever more behind in my task - I did NOT run last night (self-assessment 8pm told me it was a preposterous idea), but my one just now was pretty nice, despite heat and haze. Ugh, I hate summer, I am so ready for it to be over!

42:00 as 2:1

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Ugh, haven't done my run yet, it does not seem at all appealing but I am feeling rather low anyway and missing a run will really not help! (Did have a legit reason for not doing it earlier, had 3pm pulmonary checkup and the doc wants to know peak flow without same-day albuterol use, and I shouldn't run without albuterol esp. as I was up a lot during the night with a seeming minor sinus infection and I am down one asthma medication anyway, having run out at end of June and not managed to refill it before going to Cayman - a new prescription is now ready for me to pick up at the pharmacy...)

Upper body workout was nice but it does not give the same flow of happy exercise chemicals you get from running or lower body! Anyway, 1hr:

(1) bench: 3 x 6 @ 67.5% (80 - should have had a heavier weight I suspect), with six seconds descending/eccentric

(2) single-arm row, 3 x 12 @ 32.5 (will move back up to 37.5 next time, hand strength was limiter last time but didn't seem a problem this time round)

(3) DB floor press, 3 x 15 @ 27.5 (did an initial set with the 17.5 which I think I used last week as there are no 22s, but that w as clearly too light, this I think was just right)

(4) 3 x 25 band face pull

(5) 100 band triceps pulldown