Friday, May 31, 2019


Thursday: non-run day, just PT
Friday: 1hr as 1:1, very nice, last Paris run for an indefinitely long while. Will do PT once I have eaten and showered.

Have really missed yoga this week, and am not feeling cheery about the fact that June logistics make it unlikely I will be doing it regularly....

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sunday-Wednesday catchup

Sunday: 80 as 20 as 1:1, 40 as alternating 5 easier, 5 faster, 20 as 1:1. Not fun, back very sore....
Monday: non-run day
Tuesday: 1hr as 1:1
Wednesday: 20 as 1:1, 2/4/6/4/2 faster with 2:00 walking recovery between, 20 as 1:1

Just got back from that last one, it went very well - I do still need to walk rather than jog the recovery to let tension in back and along leg release, but it felt pretty good!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Bain sonore!

90 mins yin + 2 x 15min walk each way. That was good - and now I am meeting Amy and David for dinner!

Wednesday-Saturday catch-up

Have been in continuous state of high anxiety re: upcoming travel and logistics in the meantime!

Wednesday: 1hr as 1:1
Thursday: 80 min with ladder
Friday: just PT and some walking
Saturday: 1hr as 1:1, will do PT once I've showered, should be able to make it to 5:15 yin

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Monday, Tuesday

Monday: non-run day, PT + misc. walk
Tuesday: 1hr as 1:1, PT, no yoga as day got started very late and I have to go back out again in the evening

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Friday: 1hr as 1:1 jog-walk, no yoga
Saturday: 80 mins with 20 as 1:1 to start and close, 40 as 9:1; yin 90 au bain sonore
Sunday: 1hr as 1:1, 3pm hot yin yang

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Sunday-Thursday catch-up

My mother was visiting for a few days and I seem to have gotten behind on logging!

Sunday: 1hr as 1:1 jog-walk
Monday: non-run day, PT and misc walking
Tuesday: 1hr as 1:1, PT
Wednesday: 1hr+ with ladder, PT
Thursday: non-run day, 7pm hot yin yang yoga

Saturday, May 11, 2019


Friday was just PT, hardly slept Thursday night and it was a non-run day.

Saturday: nice midday run in TORRENTIAL rain at first and then sunny, 80 mins, 20 as 1:1 to start and finish with 40 as 7:1 in the middle, that is good. Made it back out late afternoon for 90 mins yin yoga (+ 2 x 15 min walking). Rather sore left foot continues to bother me, will pursue medical advice when I am back in NYC. (I am pretty sure I know exactly what it is - I've had a bunion on that foot for a lung time, yes that is the most disgusting word and concept in English, it's getting more pronounced and I think it has elicited Morton's neuroma in the forefoot.)

Thursday, May 9, 2019


Wednesday: really good run, 80 minutes with 20 as 1:1 to start and finish and 40 as 4:1 in the middle. Everything (except for slightly sore foot) is feeling good. It was a holiday, couldn't go to the office for cleaner exile, got very damp and chilly at the cafe I holed up in, and could not quite get myself back out the door for evening yoga, but I think that's OK.

Thursday: nice 1hr as 1:1. Will go to 7pm hot yin yang yoga barring unforeseen calamity....

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Monday-Tuesday update

Monday: non-run day, did quality PT+ before going to the office, then 9pm warm yin (very nice).
Tuesday: 1hr as 1:1 in the "morning" (felt good, no problems, quite strong and smooth); 5pm hot hatha 90. On a good yoga roll right now it seems - I try not to get too obsessive about it, but it might be I can go every day this week.

David has written some good workouts for me over the next few weeks too...

Sunday, May 5, 2019


OK, that was good. Very nice hour as 1:1 (yin yoga worked magic), then 3pm hot yin-yang (did a few PT stretches while I was waiting for class to start), extremely good.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Friday-Saturday update

Friday: non-run day; did good PT+ before I went to the office, but was too tired by end of day to think yoga seemed like a good idea (also went down rabbit-hole of trying to find something Gibbon cites, took longer than I thought it would).

Saturday: much better, on balance. Had a very nice late morning run (I CANNOT GET UP IN THE MORNING!) in the Luxembourg Gardens, which were mercifully OPEN; it was chilly and rather rainy, my happy running weather, with a lot fewer people than usual. 80 minutes with 20 as 1:1, 20 as 2:1 (no, 3 doesn't go into 20, David thinks not having the numbers all really tailored is something I need to learn to tolerate!), 20 as 3:1, 20 as 4:1. Great way to do it.

Tried a new yoga class and it was GREAT - 90 minutes early evening yin yoga. Got there early enough to do my PT essentials first, but the class, too, was REALLY useful. 2 x 15 mins walk to and from, so I think that is now sufficient, and I intend to spend the evening lying on the couch reading a novel....

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Jet lag update

Ugh, the suffering is real - the last few days have been pretty horrible! Did do the essentials but nothing more.

Tuesday: 1hr as 1:1
Wednesday: 1hr with 20 as 1:1 to start and finish, 20 as 4:1 in the middle (tight lower R calf)
Thursday: non-run day, finally did proper PT+ (have been inconsistent in last couple of weeks, illness and travel both make it harder), then 7pm hot ying-yang. Which felt very intense - I was a little queasy a few times in the second half, plus lower calf bothering me on the warrior 1-warrior 2 etc. sequencing - but not completely overwhelming. I mean, I survived, and walked home afterwards with my wits more or less about me!